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ChinaAMC’s Exchange-Traded Fund becomes largest Chinese ETF in Hong Kong

ChinaAMC ETF has become the biggest Exchange-Traded Fund among all the Chinese issuers in the Hong Kong market, as the total assets of the ETF reaches over USD 1,820,000.

The ETF has surpassed the CSOP FTSE China A50 ETF to claim the top spot. The CSOP FTSE China A50 ETF had held the title of the largest Chinese ETF since the listing of both funds in 2012, according to a report by The Asset.

The takeover of the top spot by the ChinaAMC ETF is paralleled by the success of the ChinaAMC CSI300 ETF, which is the world’s largest global CSI300 ETF.

The CSI300 Index itself has become the benchmark for global investors, due to its diversified sector exposure, broader base stock coverage and the 0.996 correlation with the inclusion constituents. The increasing inclusion of A-Shares into major global stock indices has also led to these asset allocators including these A-shares into portfolios for longer-term allocation.

However, a lot of leaders in the growth sectors of China’s economy, namely areas such as consumer, healthcare, insurance, and information technology, have been effectively captured by the CSI300 Index.

The Index includes the top 300 stocks on the Shenzhen or Shanghai, and there’s an increasing recognition of the CSI300 Index as China’s version of the US’ S&P500 index. The CSI300 index has been described as “indispensable,” providing investors access to what is the world’s second-largest stock market.