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BEA UnionPay Debit Cards Linked to UnionPay App

The Bank of East Asia (BEA) has announced that its customers can now add their BEA UnionPay debit cards in the UnionPay App.

This enhancement allows customers to make QR code payments with their debit cards in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and beyond, the firm said in a press release.

BEA continually strives for service excellence in mobile payments to improve customer experience. Having enabled customers to add BEA UnionPay credit cards in the UnionPay App in 2018, BEA has now also opened the way for its UnionPay debit card holders to scan and pay using the UnionPay App. With many BEA customers travelling across the Greater Bay Area (GBA), the UnionPay App allows them to pay without needing to download Mainland e-wallets, making shopping easier and more convenient than ever.

Shirley Wong, General Manager & Head of Personal Banking Division, BEA, said: “In recent years, we have seen a rise in demand for cross-boundary payments. Cross-boundary customers have also grown to become a key segment for BEA. As a proactive response, we have enabled both debit and credit cards to be added to the UnionPay App to provide a more convenient mobile payment experience. Going forward, we will continue enhancing mobile payment accessibility to satisfy our customers’ needs.”

The UnionPay App is available to download and install from the App Store, Google Play, or major Mainland app stores, says the firm. Customers can simply add their BEA UnionPay debit card and scan the QR code at merchant stores anywhere in the world that accept payments through the UnionPay App.