AXA Hong Kong launches the first ‘AXA Chronic Disease Management Programme’

AXA Hong Kong have announced the launch of ‘AXA Chronic Disease Management Programme’, targeting different chronic diseases, including diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and gout, and provides an all-inclusive service that include outpatient medical consultations, annual comprehensive complication, dietitian consultation, and more.

The Programme is in collaboration with CUHK Medical Clinic, Hong Kong Diabetes Specialist Centre, HKSH Medical Group and Virtus Medical Group.

According to a recent survey conducted by AXA Hong Kong, comprising 1,000 Hong Kong people, it is deduced that more than one-third of those surveyed have been diagnosed with chronic diseases. This percentage increased to 50% in the 45-60 age group.

In a press release, AXA has acknowledged that often “the cost of chronic disease management is often as burdensome as that of critical diseases, the expenditure involved is too high to be disregarded.” This has led to the insurer to broaden its offering of the ‘AXA BetterMe’ platform, which strives to promote overall physical and mental wellbeing by offering a unique suite of diseases management programmes and health protection and diseases prevention solutions

Dr. Alexander Chiu, Medical Director, Health and Employee Benefits, Hong Kong and Macau, AXA, said “The demand for insurance for chronic diseases cannot be ignored. AXA Hong Kong has reformed its core concept of insurance and expanded the coverage of its products to cope with changes in society since 2018, helping customers improve their health. The collaboration with CUHK Medical Clinic, Hong Kong Diabetes Specialist Centre, HKSH Medical Group and Virtus Medical Group aims at helping chronic disease patients in a more effective way, with proper consultation and solutions provided by professional medical organisations.”

“We are looking forward to working with more of these reputable medical institutions, and to providing more personalised and flexible plans and products, to overcome the challenges of the market and to help our customers prepare a healthy body and mind to embrace the future,” Chiu continued.

All ‘AXA Wiseguard Pro Medical Insurance’ eligible customers are entitled to participate in ‘AXA Chronic Disease Management Programme’ with 12-month of medical service. The participants are allowed to choose one of the following institutions as their service provider: CUHK Medical Clinic, Hong Kong Diabetes Specialist Centre, HKSH Medical Group and Virtus Medical Group. Under the Programme, the participants will receive up to four out-patient medical consultations by a registered medical practitioner, one dietician consultation and one annual comprehensive complication assessment by an endocrinologist or specialist, and nurse communication.

Meanwhile, the expenditure of daily medication and self-financed drugs could be a huge financial burden. In view of this, this Programme offers an option of medication from a pre-agreed list or alternative medication at a special discount. It covers up to 52 weeks of treatment/dosage which provides a more comprehensive protection to the customer.

Initiatives under ‘AXA BetterMe’ include the ‘Quit Smoking Incentive Programme’, ‘AXA Diabetes & Three-Highs Management Programme’, ‘Health Collaboration Programme’ with Mannings, and also the ‘Mind Health’ to promote employee wellness. AXA Hong Kong will put forth the “payer to partners” promise by developing more innovative solutions with renowned medical institutions under ‘AXA BetterMe’, empowering customers to lead a healthy and happy life.

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