Asia Frontier Capital lauches the AFC Uzbekistan Fund

  • Mar 22, 2019

AFC expects a strong equity market appreciation thanks to the recent abolishment of capital controls, Uzbekistan’s pursuit of privatizations and the introduction of a free float of the local currency.

The AFC Uzbekistan Fund is managed under the executive leadership team of Thomas Hugger (CEO & Fund Manager) and Scott Osheroff (CIO of AFC Uzbekistan Fund) who between them have more than 40 years ofinvestment experience as well as an extensive experience working in Asia, having held senior positions in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Mongolia and Myanmar. 

The open-ended AFC Uzbekistan Fund is designed to offer investors high returns from growth in the equity market of Uzbekistan whilst offering a portfolio that has a low correlation with global equity markets. The fund aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation for investors by capturing value in listed growth companies over the next 5-7 years, predominantly targeting the private company segment and government privatizations. The fund's investment universe consists of local companies that have their principal business activities in Uzbekistan, as well as foreign-listed companies that have the majority of their business in Uzbekistan and countries bordering Uzbekistan (Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan).

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