How to Negotiate

How confident are you that you approach negotiation with strategic and long-term intent? If we’re not well-planned, and strategic in our approach to negotiation, client dialogue can quickly deteriorate into a one-dimensional ‘price war’!


Our highly practical and participative workshop focuses participants on how to have more rewarding client negotiations and attaining that much maligned ‘win-win’ outcome.


Aligned to our core ethos of effective relationship management, this workshop shares a range of best-practices, skills, tools, and strategies which facilitate more impactful negotiations that take a longer-term view of the business relationship between seller and client.


Our workshop includes the following key learning:


  • Understanding the impact of our behaviour and negotiation style on client decision-making.

  • Really understanding what your clients value in a business relationship.

  • Understanding what, for either party, is non-negotiable.

  • Identifying your client-specific and relevant tradables.

  • Creating a client-specific tradables strategy canvas for every negotiation.

  • Harnessing the skill of strategic questioning in a negotiation.

  • Having a clear understanding of your client’s ‘BATNAs’ in any negotiation.

  • Recognising and successfully dealing with tactical negotiation by your clients.