Better Client Relationships

Our innovative, engaging and highly practical workshop-based workshop focuses participants on how to differentiate through their behaviours, from the perspective of prospects and clients.


The core ethos surrounding the skills of effective relationship-building and relationship management is about creating and maintaining client relationships built on high levels of mutual trust.


Effective for all client-facing sales people, regardless of relative experience, our workshops facilitate new thinking, leading to new and more impactful behaviours, through a range of skills and strategies that are aimed at creating long-term client partnerships.


Our workshop includes the following key learning:


  • Understanding our current selling behaviours and their potential impact on client relationships and buying decisions.

  • Defining our client relationships, as perceived by the clients themselves, while creating, building, and nurturing client trust.

  • Creating powerful and engaging first-impressions with new prospects.

  • The strategy and art of effective questioning – making it probing, emotionally engaging, and facilitating new thinking and decisions.

  • Helping prospects and clients to articulate their challenges and needs in a non-interrogative way.

  • Helping prospects and clients envision their desired futures and goals.

  • Presenting ideas in a powerful and business-winning way.

  • Engaging clients effectively, helping them make the right buying decisions.