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Landytech was founded in 2019 by two investment professionals who knew that the way family offices manage investments needed to change.

Their prior experience supporting a range of asset owners, asset managers and advisers – from hedge funds and boutique asset managers to some of the largest family offices in Europe – highlighted the limitations and inefficiencies of existing analytics and reporting tools. Motivated by these challenges, they created Sesame: a platform purpose-built to tackle the unique technical challenges that modern family offices and other investment professionals face.

Now supported by a team of over 100 dedicated employees, Landytech’s platform has gained the trust of some of the largest family offices in Europe. It’s successfully aiding them in adopting a more data-driven and collaborative approach to investment management.

To learn more about how Landytech is helping family offices create a complete picture of wealth and streamline the creation of consolidated reports, or follow us on LinkedIn.


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