Agustin Mohedas

Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst

Janus Henderson Investors


Agustin Mohedas is a Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst on the Health Care Team at Janus Henderson Investors He is focused primarily on the biotechnology sector Before joining the firm as a research analyst in 2019 Agustin was a senior analyst at Eventide Asset Management, working on the Healthcare and Life Sciences Fund from 2017 Prior to this, he was an analyst with RA Capital Management, a long/short hedge fund focused on biotechnology, from 2014. Agustin received his bachelor of science degree in biomedical engineering from Texas A&M University, graduating summa cum laude He also earned a PhD in medical engineering and medical physics from the Harvard MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology His PhD research focused on drug development for a rare genetic disease, resulting in multiple patents and publications He has 9 years of financial industry experience

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Janus Henderson Expert Agustin Mohedas on Healthcare Innovation and the Private Investor 2023 looks set to be a landmark year for healthcare innovation, with a record number of new drug launches and therapies approved by the FDA in the US, offering hope to patients with previously unmet medical needs. And more are in progress. These advancements span a wide range of diseases, from cance....

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