Declan Trezise

Global Head Consulting

Babel Street


Declan Trezise is the VP of Global Solutions Engineering for Babel Street, based out of the UK. He has many years of experience working out the thorniest problems of converting unstructured text into actionable insight, and communicating complex technical solutions to audiences at all levels and walks of life — from international royalty and heads of state to rock stars. Prior to Babel Street, he was with’s Government Solutions division, where he delivered the UK’s largest job board, Universal Jobmatch for the Department for Work and Pensions. Before that, he was the face of cybersecurity for BAE Systems Digital Intelligence (formerly known as Detica) as the manager and presenter at the prestigious NerveCentre facility. Declan trained as a theoretical physicist at the University of Exeter and as a graduate, cut his teeth as a developer across a range of technologies in “spooky” applications from network probes for lawful interception to data retention and querying systems for the largest telecommunications companies in Europe.

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Cross-Script ID Matching & Screening: Reducing False Positives & Demystifying Explainable AI Declan Trezise, Global Head of Consulting at Babel Street demystified the latest ways and means of addressing KYC and AML compliance issues for guests at the Hubbis Digital Wealth Forum in Singapore on October 4. He explained the impact of false positives and missed matches in screening and filterin....

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