Gareth Lewis

Chief Executive and Co-Founder



Gareth Lewis is the Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Delio, a specialist technology firm that works with banks, wealth managers and other financial institutions to digitise and accelerate their private markets propositions. In little over five years, Delio has grown from an embryonic idea to one of the leading players in the wealthtech space, counting the likes of Barclays, UBS, National Australia Bank and ING as clients. Prior to co-founding Delio, Gareth trained as an accountant and worked in a variety of corporate finance roles for Ernst & Young and boutique finance firms.

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Digital & Technology

CEO Gareth Lewis on how FinTech Delio is Digitising the Rapidly Expanding Global Private Markets Landscape Since 2015, Delio has been at the forefront of digitally transforming the private markets landscape. The mission is simple - they want to help financial institutions connect their private clients with private investment opportunities quickly, transparently and compliantly. Delio places highly config....

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Private Markets – more appealing than ever?

The leading mainstream equity indices, in the end, performed relatively well in 2020, despite the chaos of the early months, but the performance was highly selective and often resulted in excessive inflows into a relatively limited number of huge capitalisation technol...