Slawomir Wojcik

Product Manager Wealth Management



Slawomir Wojcik is specializing in wealth management and portfolio analytics solutions. He is responsible for business and product development of Comarch Wealth Management platform with over 15 years of industry experience. Slawomir is responsible for wealth management and performance analytics solutions for financial institutions. At Comarch since 2003, he has been working as an analyst, consultant, project manager and currently product manager. At the very beginning he was responsible for product management of Comarch Wealth Management platform – especially for Advisor Front-Office and Analytical Engine. Because of his responsibility he was involved in each single implementation of Comarch Wealth Management platform to support Comarch and customer team find the best solution which fits customer needs and is in line with product development strategy.

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Malaysia – An Update on the Wealth Management Market’s Evolution Malaysia is nowhere near as populous as its ASEAN neighbours such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia or the Philippines. But the economy and the financial markets are well advanced, and there is immense private wealth, much of it historically managed through Hong Kong, Singapore or further afield in Eu....

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