Mark Smallwood

CEO, Rapier Consulting. And Engagement & Consultant Partner,



Mark Smallwood TEP is based in the UK from where he advises predominantly Asian UHNW families on the structuring and ongoing administration and management of their estate and succession plan, family office, investment process and governance. He sits on the Business Advisory Council of a successful privately held business spanning multiple jurisdictions. After nearly 35 years in financial services across the global, including the UK, Caribbean, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore and having held senior positions in one of the leading global private banks, Mark has unique insights and brings an independent, unconflicted view which enables UHNW families to objectively evaluate their decision making process.

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Generative Artificial Intelligence in Wealth Management In the 21st Century, competing in business is to a significant extent dependent on the ability of the business to embrace technology and leverage the efficiencies inherent in digital capabilities. In the wealth management space this requires the large historic service providers to adapt large scale....

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