Simon Godfrey

Independent Financial Advisor


Simon Godfrey joined EFG Bank AG Hong Kong branch as the Head of Products in 2018 after two decades in the investment management industry. Prior to taking on the role of product due diligence and onboarding for EFG Asia, Simon has was an investment specialist for European Equities and Emerging Markets at Fortis Invesments and BNP Paribas Asset Management in Paris and Hong Kong. In these roles, he was responsible for representing investment strategies to multiple channels including institutional, private banking and wholesale. Following this, Simon co-founded an investment marketing consultancy in Hong Kong and was head of product marketing at Fidelity International. He graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) and has gained SFAF and CAIA qualifications.

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The State of Asian HNW Investor Sentiment in the Aftermath of the March Sell-Off​​​​​​​ The whole world is feeling vulnerable and fragile these days, as Covid-19 continues to both ravage and threaten people, livelihoods, economies, markets and lifestyles worldwide. Hubbis met up with Simon Godfrey, Head of Products for EFG Bank in Hong Kong, to hear his insights into Asian HNW investor....

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Shifting the Dial – How Should Asia’s HNWIs Recalibrate Their Portfolios A panel of experts assembled at the last group discussion of the Hubbis Investment Solutions Forum to ponder the optimal portfolio strategies for late 2019 and in anticipation of 2020. There was plenty of healthy disagreement on all the key investment markets, and only one clear consensus, namely th....