Joshua Rotbart

Managing Partner

J. Rotbart & Co.


Joshua Rotbart (LLM, MBA) is the founder and managing partner of J. Rotbart & Co. (Strategic Transactions Limited), a Hong Kong-based company providing solutions for high net worth individuals and families wishing to buy, sell, ship, and store physical precious metals and other tangible assets. Joshua shares his time between Macau, where he resides, to Hong Kong and Singapore. In 2010 Joshua leaved his career as corporate lawyer, and joined joined Malca-Amit logistic group in 2010 to head the business development for the group’s flagship vault in the Singapore Freeport, and to manage its Hong Kong sister company, Malca-Amit Precious Metals. In 2016 Joshua founded J. Rotbart & Co. (Strategic Transactions Limited), that already traded over USD 400mil worth of bullion, mostly through Singapore and Hong Kong.

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Joshua Rotbart Surveys Gold and Precious Metals as the Ebbing Tides of Liquidity Reap Havoc on Global Indices It was in late 2020 when Hubbis, working alongside J. Rotbart & Co., conducted a survey of over 100 experts in Asia’s wealth management markets, asking them how they were helping position client portfolios for the potential arrival of inflation. At the time, there were gradually growing concerns tha....

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Gold – The Real Asset for the Real World that is Performing Really Well Joshua Rotbart, Founder and Managing Partner of precious metals firm J. Rotbart & Co, is passionate about gold, real gold. He gave an animated presentation to the audience at the Hubbis Indonesia Wealth Management Forum on how through history gold has proven its sustained value, and how the longer s....