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We were delighted to have held our Hubbis Digital Wealth Forum in Singapore for 2023 recently. And are pleased to report it was a resounding success!

A heartfelt thank you to our 260+ participants who came together to make the forum a vibrant, enlightening, and engaging experience.

The 2023 Digital Wealth Forum was held in Singapore, convening digital technology and wealth management experts. They explored the integration of innovative digital solutions in wealth management across Asia Pacific. The forum comprised six panel discussions and nine presentations, addressing key challenges, trends, and digital advancements.

A focal point was the importance of understanding prevailing trends in private wealth management in Asia, which enables technology firms and FinTechs to develop impactful digital solutions. The emphasis was on the pivotal roles of data analytics, AI, and machine learning in enhancing client engagement. The forum also highlighted the industry's shift towards a client-centric model, replacing the traditional product-centric approach. The rise of digital platforms, future-proofing wealth services, and the fast-paced adoption of 'smart' financial services post-pandemic were underscored. Moreover, the necessity for robust technological compliance mechanisms, like KYC and AML protocols, was discussed.

Many thanks to our partners: InvestCloud, IMTF, Interactive Brokers, Saxo, Swissquote, Synpulse, Wealth Dynamix, Henley & Partners, Wealtra, GTN Asia Financial Services, RockX, and Simon-Kucher Global Strategy Consultancy.

And to our speakers, whose details can be found HERE.

We hope you enjoy the below content curated from the event, gathered from what was a very successful forum. And do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected] with any comments, feedback, or information on how you can become a key part by speaking at or sponsoring next year's forum.

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We're very much looking forward to welcoming you to our 2024 Digital Wealth Forum in Singapore on Wednesday 9th October - view the 2024 Event Homepage HERE - but for now, please enjoy the output from the 2023 forum.


Panel Discussions from this Forum On Demand

Trends and Priorities - Private Wealth Management in Asia

On the opening panel of the Hubbis Digital Wealth Forum in Singapore, experts delved into the current trends and priorities in private wealth management, specifically in the Asian context. The discourse addressed global wealth management trends and honed in on the unique challenges and opportunities in Asia, with a focus on digital solutions. The panel assessed Singapore's position within the global and regional wealth management landscape and identified upcoming digital transformation needs essential for maintaining its market prominence. Discussion points included the significance of enhancing operational efficiencies, cost-saving strategies, and the digital solutions instrumental in delivering client-centric services. The conversation explored how digital tools can ensure competitive advantage in an intensifying market, and the potential benefits and pitfalls of digital investment platforms. Regulatory and compliance challenges were addressed, with emphasis on technological solutions that offer efficient, cost-effective resolutions. The panel also discussed trends in custody, privacy, and security, exploring how digital tools can enhance outcomes. They further assessed the implications for the competitive landscape in Singapore and wider Asia and discussed how technology aids in effectively curating and delivering financial advice. 

Chaired by David Wilson, Principal Director, Asia Wealth Management Lead at Accenture, the panel featured Evrard Bordier, CEO and Managing Partner, Bordier & Cie. Singapore; Yujun Lin, CEO, Singapore, Interactive Brokers; Michael Blake, CEO Wealth Management Asia, UBP; and Mark Buesser, Chairman, IMTF.

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Creating Efficiency through the Proper Use of Data to Elevate the Client Experience

At the Digital Wealth Forum in Singapore in 2023, the second panel discussion of the day delved into the significance of data in enhancing efficiency and elevating client experience within the wealth management sector. The discussion centred around the analogy of data as 'the new oil', emphasising the pivotal role of refined and processed data in wealth management. Participants discussed digital solutions available for data management aimed at enhancing personalisation and the client journey, with a spotlight on the roles of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The conversation explored how AI-augmented data integrates with essential protocols like Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The evolving needs of clients and the consequential shift in wealth management propositions were highlighted, particularly pinpointing the place of ML in this evolution. The panel debated the competitive edge gained through solutions promoting client-centricity and personalisation. Further, they examined how data analytics could amplify the capabilities of Relationship Managers (RMs) and advisors and pondered the potential impact of AI and ML on these roles in the industry. The discourse also tackled decision-making processes related to data and digital tools and their efficient implementation by private banks and wealth firms. The discussion culminated in a look ahead, contemplating upcoming advancements in the domain.

Chaired by Andrew Bresler, Chief Revenue Officer & Deputy General Manager – APAC, InvestCloud, the panel featured Michele Ferrario, Co-founder and CEO, StashAway; Vivek Gupta, Senior Vice President - Customer Science and Customer Segment, DBS Bank; Bhaskar Vijay Singh, Director - Financial Services Consulting, EY; and Joel Carpenter, Divisional Director, Marketing – Asia & Middle East, St. James’s Place.

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Digital Solutions and the Opportunities & Challenges around Enhancing Client Engagement

The third panel of the 2023 Hubbis Singapore Digital Wealth Forum addressed the dynamics of digital solutions in optimising client engagement within the wealth management sector. The conversation delved into the current state and evolution of client engagement, pondering how digital innovations could complement or even replace the 'human touch'. They discussed the differentiation in engagement across various wealth categories, particularly mass affluent, high net worth (HNW), and ultra-high net worth (UHNW) client segments. The panel also broached the challenge of providing enhanced, valuable advice on a larger scale. Central to the conversation was the ultimate aim of clients: robust portfolio performance. The experts considered how firms can bolster their client engagement regarding 'portfolio solutions' and the role digital tools play in delivering top-tier products and advice. Discussions also touched upon technology's potential in refining risk management, enhancing engagement around environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters, and offering insights on the 'next-best-action'. The panel highlighted the importance of engagement beyond just advice, extending into performance data, reporting, and portfolio refinement. They discussed tools and strategies that support these areas and debated whether improved engagement directly correlates with better client acquisition and retention. Closing the session, the panel looked forward to upcoming digital solutions promising further personalisation and superior advice quality. 

Chaired by Michael Stanhope, Founder & CEO of Hubbis, the panel featured Nicole Bodack, Managing Director, C&IB, Wealth & Asset Management, APAC, Accenture; Rajashik Chatterjee, Associate Partner - Consulting, Financial Services, and the Wealth Management Lead for Singapore, EY; Guillaume Roux-Chabert, Head of Sales, Singapore, Interactive Brokers; and Darell Miller, Managing Director APAC, Wealth Dynamix.

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Future Proofing the Wealth Management Platform

On the fourth panel of the Hubbis Digital Wealth Forum in Singapore, the panellists delved into strategies for future-proofing the wealth management platform. The conversation centred on the primary goals of enhancing internal and operational efficiencies and realising cost savings. A significant emphasis was placed on client personalisation and bolstering engagement levels. The panel questioned the strategic deployment of digital tools to refine systems and processes, enabling banks and private wealth management firms to deliver superior products, advice, and outcomes. The balancing act between platform's self-serve capabilities and the persistent client demand for human connection and counsel was debated, with scalability underlined as pivotal. The discourse moved towards the forthcoming advancements in digital technologies poised to further enrich the wealth management offerings in the region. Questions arose regarding organisational agility and the monetisation of digital investments. The panel pondered the optimal decision-making processes and their swift and effective implementation while highlighting potential pitfalls. They also debated the best paths to ongoing digital transformation, discussing whether to build in-house, purchase, or outsource digital solutions and the criteria for evaluating providers. Deliberations included internal decision implementation, ensuring internal buy-in, and educating private clients about the advantages of newly introduced capabilities. Concluding the session, the experts speculated on the next wave of digital innovations and their implications.

Chaired by Yash Shah, Partner, Synpulse, the panel featured Nayeem Khan, Chief Operating Officer - BPCAL and South Asia, Pictet; Steve Knabl, Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner, Swiss-Asia Financial Services; Ravi Kanteti, Associate Partner - Singapore, Bain & Company; and Dr. Silvio Struebi, Partner, Simon-Kucher.

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The Rise of Digital Platforms for Private Wealth Management

The penultimate panel of the Hubbis Digital Wealth Forum in Singapore, experts delved into the increasing prominence of digital platforms in private wealth management. The conversation began by discussing the criteria for selecting the right platform or custodian for clients, reflecting on the contemporary trends and shifts in priorities. The panel discussed the most suitable business models for this sector and pondered whether recent banking crises in the US and at Credit Suisse had dented trust in global bank brands, potentially benefiting local and regional banks. The merits of using digital platforms for custody and execution were examined, as were the strategic partnerships in platforms, investments, and technology that drive success. Emphasising the importance of a client-centric advisory approach, the panel discussed how digital tools can aid in achieving this and where they source valuable insights to advise their clientele, highlighting the instrumental role of technology. 

Chaired by Rafael Weber, Head of Institutional Clients, Swissquote, the discussion featured Urs Brutsch, Managing Partner & Founder, HP Wealth Management; Mauricio Ribeiro, Partner, MOIQ Capital; and Julien Le Noble, CEO, GTN Asia Financial Services. 

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Compliance and Onboarding – Getting it Right

The final panel discussion of the day at the Hubbis Digital Wealth Forum saw industry specialists discussed the intricacies of compliance and onboarding within wealth management. The conversation explored the challenges faced during the onboarding process and sought ways to make this more streamlined and efficient. In light of recent anti-money laundering (AML) issues in Singapore, the panel deliberated on necessary changes and the implications of the COSMIC AML initiatives. Open banking and information sharing were also discussed, weighing up the advantages and drawbacks. The panel observed an inconsistency across different private wealth managers and considered ways the industry could simplify and hasten processes. There was optimism about the potential role of artificial intelligence in the future of onboarding. The dialogue also spanned improving financial crime operations, control and risk management challenges, the concept of Dynamic Perpetual KYC, implementing more detailed risk ratings, and the best practices for integrating both internal and external information.

Chaired by Michael Stanhope, Founder & CEO of Hubbis, the panel featured Lucy Gao-Azak, COO & Head of Wealth Management, Crossinvest; Ajit Vaidya, Executive Director - Head of International Wealth Management Operations, Nomura; Mark Buesser, Chairman, IMTF; Declan Trezise, Global Head Consulting, Babel Street; and Andreas Wenger, Partner, Finalix.

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View the write-ups of the Panel Discussion from this event

Experts Take a Magnifying Glass and Crystal Ball to Asia’s Wealth Management Trends

The Hubbis Digital Wealth Forum in Singapore on October 4 saw a panel of experts debate the implementation and future arrival of key digital solutions that will either propel or support the evolution of the region’s wealth management industry. The panel agreed that digital solutions are improving the overall proposition, helping with cost efficiencies, driving personalisation, empowering the advisory force and helping with access and scale. They also said there are plenty of breakthrough technologies ahead, not least the blockchain, AI and Generative AI. But they agreed that these technologies need to be carefully applied, honed and harnessed. The consensus was that it is the sum of the parts that will drive the evolution of the wealth market instead of any single technology that some might think will bring about a revolution.

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Creating Efficiency through the Smart Use of Data to Elevate the Client Experience

Why is data considered ‘the new oil’ for businesses of all types, and why is refined and processed data so important for the wealth management industry? What data management digital solutions and tools exist to help boost personalisation and the client journey, and where do AI and ML fit in? Where does AI-enhanced data link into other key protocols, such as CLM and CRM? As client needs and expectations evolve, so also the wealth management proposition must evolve. Is this where ML fits in? What are the key competitive advantages of solutions that will help deliver greater client centricity, personalisation and client satisfaction? How can data management and analytics help to elevate the skills, capabilities and productivity of the RMs and advisors? What is coming next? These and other key issues were debated amongst some real digital wealth heavyweights in a panel discussion at the Hubbis Digital Wealth Forum on October 4. From the many insights offered, there is no doubt that the quest for personalisation is ongoing, and that refined, managed and curated data is a golden key for the wealth industry.

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Leveraging Digital Solutions to Enhance Client Engagement – Views from the Experts

Why is client engagement all about today, how has it evolved, and where is it heading? Where can the ‘human touch’ be augmented or possibly replaced by digital engagement? How do you deliver advice, robust and more valuable and constructive engagement and at the same time do so at a greater scale? How can you deliver better insights and guidance on the next-best actions? Engagement does not stop with advice and execution, it extends deep into performance data, reporting and portfolio refinement, so what tools and approaches help in these areas? Does better engagement translate to improved client acquisition and retention? What solutions and tools are in the pipeline that will further enhance personalisation, relevance and higher-quality advice? Do you need to adjust internal strategies and remuneration to reflect the shift towards a more advisory-centric engagement? These were some of the topics on which a group of experts opined at the Hubbis Digital Wealth Forum in Singapore on October 4. This is a distillation of some of their key insights and advice.

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Plug-and-Play Banking in a Complex Wealth Ecosystem: The Synpulse OpenWealth One-Stop Solution

In an ever-evolving wealth landscape, banks face the tough but critical decision: build or buy a wealth platform? In a talk at the Hubbis Digital Wealth Forum in Singapore in early October, Andreas Mettenberger, Associate Partner at, Synpulse set about dissecting the complexities and challenges that banks encounter during this decision-making process. He covered many of the key bases, including integration hurdles, customisation limitations, and scalability concerns. He advised delegates on how the right solutions can help their bank or wealth firm overcome these challenges. Most importantly, he highlighted the new and comprehensive Synpulse solution to these issues in the form of what is essential a solutions and integration member’s club the firm recently launched, named the PULSE8 OpenWealth Marketplace.

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Cross-Script ID Matching & Screening: Reducing False Positives & Demystifying Explainable AI

Declan Trezise, Global Head of Consulting at Babel Street demystified the latest ways and means of addressing KYC and AML compliance issues for guests at the Hubbis Digital Wealth Forum in Singapore on October 4. He explained the impact of false positives and missed matches in screening and filtering. He told delegates how AI-based smart fuzzy name-matching can work. And he then talked them through matches for regulatory approval and the ongoing drive towards continuous improvement in such protocols. Babel Street is, he stated, at the cutting edge of technology solutions for state-of-the-art onboarding, KYC and AML challenges the wealth management industry faces, using explainable algorithms that also span into the worlds of counter-terrorism and border control in which the firm is also a leader.

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Re-imagining the Role of the RM – Reflections and Advice from Accenture’s Wealth Lead for Asia

David Wilson is Principal Director and Asia Wealth Management Lead for Accenture Strategy & Consulting, based in Singapore. He believes that in the private banking or upper segments of clients, the dynamism and growth potential of the Asian wealth management markets can only be grasped by those banks and firms that unlock the skills, capabilities and productivity of their RMs and advisors. And in the rapidly growing mass affluent market, a digitally-led offering should be complemented by the astute use of advisory talent aided and bolstered by digital solutions to deliver a degree of personal support, but at scale. However, to achieve any or all of these goals, David told guests it is not only about empowering RMs and advisors with some additional automation, a few extra tools and a bit more training, but also about genuine disruption, whereby the role and work ‘design’ of the RM is re-imagined and redefined. Supported by a detailed but succinct slide show, he made his case to delegates at the Hubbis Digital Wealth Forum in Singapore on October 4.

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How Interactive Brokers Delivers a State-of-the-Art Digital Custody & Execution Platform for EAMs and Family Offices

Under the banner of ‘partnering for success’, Guillaume Roux-Chabert, Head of Sales, Singapore for Interactive Brokers (IBKR) hosted a Workshop at the Hubbis Digital Wealth Forum in Singapore on October 4 to explain why he believes IBKR has the ideal custody and execution platform for the independent wealth community. He pointed to the platform’s impressive proposition for institutional investors in what is a very competitive marketplace that requires significant mutual technological and operation commitments, as well as close personal relationships between independent wealth advisory providers and the platform. He told delegates why there is such value in partnering with IBKR as they help wealth managers scale their practice and maximise value for clients. IBKR is a highly automated electronic broker, founded as a pioneer of electronic trading back in 1978, and listed on Nasdaq with 2.43 client accounts as of October 1, 2023. The firm employs its proprietary technology and international experience to offer low-cost, seamless global market access to multiple types of securities to individual and institutional investor clients around the world. Focusing on automation achieves efficiency and scalability, which enables IBKR to provide premium services at discount prices. In the independent wealth space, they offer top-quality and direct market access to professional clients, advisors, family offices and institutions, with all the requisite services to make their lives easier so they can deliver their best position to their private clients.

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IMTF Chairman on How Astute KYC Aligns with a Risk-Driven, Real-Time & Dynamic Approach

KYC is not a short (albeit usually very difficult) one-stop journey, it must be a constant process requiring a committed and unwavering approach, said Mark Buesser, Chairman of Swiss RegTech IMTF, at the Hubbis Digital Wealth Forum in Singapore on October 4. He explained that dynamic, perpetual KYC is needed to address today’s compliance challenges, including a more granular approach to risk rating, integrating all available (but often difficult to mine out) internal and external information. Most importantly, Mark explained that in a world of ever greater complexity, the KYC journey in wealth management is continuous and the approach must be total and unflinching. Getting it right is one of the best investments a bank can make in client satisfaction. Getting it wrong is a disaster for the clients, the bank and its team members, and shareholders.

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Achieving Scale without the Growth Pains – Wealth Dynamix APAC Head Explains How

FinTech Wealth Dynamix has grown apace in the past decade, propelled by its state-of-the-art Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform designed to harmonise all phases of the client lifecycle in wealth management. Darell Miller, Managing Director for APAC, offered delegates at the Hubbis Digital Wealth Forum on October 4 his views on how private banks and other wealth firms can drive towards scale without suffering the growth pains so often associated with the rapid expansion of coverage. He explained why breaking the chain between revenue and costs is crucial for any wealth industry competitor wanting to achieve both scale and profitability. He outlined how to break free of the chains that so often prevent RMs from serving their clients productively, with personalisation and profitably.

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Come Fly with Me - Where to Place Client Assets for a Safe and Smooth Journey

Ivan Chang, Regional Manager of Institutional Business for Saxo, likes a smooth journey when he is flying, as much as when he is investing. He presented at the Hubbis Digital Wealth Forum in Singapore on October 4 on how the world of asset custody and safekeeping has much in common with the aviation industry – you need to pick the right airplane that can fly safe amidst turbulence in order to have a worry free journey ahead. He used that analogy to help capture some of key criteria when selecting where to place client assets because not all financial institutions (private banks, banks, or brokers) are equally safe.

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