Full Agenda

Welcome Address
Michael Stanhope
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Panel discussion
Wealth management – grasping the opportunity
  • What are the difficulties as well as advantages to launch a wealth management business in Vietnam?
  • What are the catalysts to kick-start the domestic market? What are the roadblocks?
  • Who are the players? What’s their USP?
  • Offshore / onshore. Where is the long-term opportunity?
  • How has wealth management developed in Asia? How does Vietnam compare?
  • What should the regulators do to help spur further development?
  • How can you make money from building a wealth management platform?
  • When will we see more products and solutions?
  • Where are the biggest opportunities and challenges for insurance companies in Vietnam?
  • Finding talent and training – does anyone do it well?
Gaurav Sharma
CEO & General Director
BIDV Metlife Life Insurance
Cong Thien Le
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Ho Chi Minh Securities
Gauraw Srivastava
Head of Affluent Banking & Wealth Management
Sanjay Chakrabarty
Deputy CEO, Head of Retail Banking
Orient Commercial Bank
Simon Lints
Chief Executive Officer, Singapore
Schroders Wealth Management
Minh Nguyen
Country Manager
Bich Ngoc Nguyen
Head of Wealth Management Division
Shinhan Bank
The New Age in Wealth Management: Build Your DIGITAL ALPHA
Abhijeet Singh Hazare
Head of Sales for Financial Services – South East Asia
3i Infotech
  • Tap the Fortune at the bottom of the Pyramid: How technology can power Mass market, Millennials and Mass affluent market by providing the same personalized service and access to investment strategies available to HNWI.
  • Wealth Management in an Information Age: Big data and advance analytics are on the cusp of transforming the Wealth management sector from new ways to engage, advice and service investors.
  • Digital Revolution with Investor Experience at the Epicentre: Retooling wealth management for the new age investor with enhanced Investor experience.
  • Human Touch in the Digital World: Hybrid Robo Advisors - a combination of technology & human based advisory models: A New way of Providing value and building Trust.
Head - to - Head Q & A
Investment Migration: Trends and Developments for HNWIs
Dominic Volek
Managing Partner, Head Southeast Asia
Henley & Partners
  • Why is the Investment Migration industry booming?
  • Why does Henley & Partners attend the Hubbis events?
  • Where do our clients come from?
  • Why do PBs/IAMs etc work with us?
  • How can Henley & Partners help your HNWI clients?
Head - to - Head Q & A
How technology can drive more sales and deeper relationships
Dominic Gamble
Head of Asia Pacific
Wealth Dynamix
  • The tech tools available to make RMs more powerful
  • Use data to understand your clients better than ever
  • Sell smart, sell tailored, sell more
Panel discussion
Bringing it all together – Platforms, Technology and Products
  • What are all the component parts you need to build a sustainable and profitable wealth management business?
  • How do you build competency and capacity?
  • What is a platform? What is custody?
  • Who is currently active in mutual funds?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges for Vietnam’s asset management industry?
  • What players and expertise do we need to create a wider variety of products to help the market develop and create diversification?
  • What digital expectations do clients have?
  • In Asia - how do ‘funds’ and ‘investment products’ get effectively distributed to clients?
  • What is the role of technology within financial services and wealth management?
  • What are the key digital trends and how are they changing the business?
Thi Le Hang Le
Chief Executive Officer
SSI Asset Management
Yifei Li
Damian Hitchen
CEO Singapore
Bao Nguyen
Country Director Vietnam
Dominic Gamble
Head of Asia Pacific
Wealth Dynamix
Jordan Lo
Senior Project Manager
Cyprus Revitalised: How to Capitalize on the Island’s reform?
Ioannis Ioannikiou
Legal Advisor
Casamont Cyprus
  • Cyprus Investment Program
  • Benefits of Cyprus when structuring your wealth
  • Cyprus investment opportunities
Refreshment & Networking
Technology Alone Won't Save You
Jason Hoang
Managing Director, Asia
  • Change is inevitable, but it's not always a comfortable ride
  • What brings about real change?
  • Transformation is never about technology
  • The data advantage - The real digital transformation
Revisiting Family Governance
Stephanie Almeida
Trust Manager

Will your family destroy your wealth, or will your wealth destroy your family?

Family dynamics should always be considered by Wealth advisers when structuring a wealth succession plan. In this presentation Stephanie Almeida will consider relevant family issues surrounding the succession of wealth, be it family governance, what’s in a family constitution, the impact of divorce, second marriages, balancing the expectations of children or the effects on family wealth of living longer.

Starting Private Banking in Vietnam
Pearl Pillaert
Associate Director, New Markets
Bordier & Cie
  • Bordier’s USP
  • The Partnership with MB
  • Building MB Private
Head - to - Head Q & A
GOLD – shining brighter every day
Christophe Numa
Bunker Gold & Silver
  • ​​​​​Why is this a good opportunity today?
  • What are the key reasons why you should invest in precious metals?
  • Where should you keep your Gold?
Head - to - Head Q & A
The Rise of the Neo Banks
Reto Wolf
Head of Product Asia Pacific
  • What's the rising mass affluent opportunity in SEA?
  • Who is going to capture that opportunity?
  • How Super apps and Neo Banks reshape the WM landscape
  • How incumbent banks can approach this ever-expanding customer base of the future
Why wealth managers need effective onboarding
Shane Meredith
Asia Director - FinTech & Wealth Advisory
Contemi Solutions
  • How onboarding drives clients away
  • Onboarding for intergenerational wealth management
  • Wealth management for the digital economy
  • What your onboarding technology needs to do
Panel discussion
What are the most common concerns of families as they get wealthier?
  • What are the challenges of dealing with wealthy clients?
  • Curating the right solution for clients – what’s thrown in the mix today?
  • What is wealth structuring and planning?
  • Finding the best advisory services and solutions – how do you maximise partnership with the right specialists?
  • What specific trends are we seeing from Vietnamese clients?
  • Are we ready for the intergenerational wealth transfer?
  • Tax and transparency – problem or oppoportunity?
Kenneth Atkinson
Founder & Senior Board Adviser
Grant Thornton
Marcus Hinkley
Head of Private Client Services - Asia
Dominic Volek
Managing Partner, Head Southeast Asia
Henley & Partners
Nguyen Ha Quyen Hoang
Founding Partner
LNT & Partners
Room B – Workshop
Global Citizens: Trends and Developments in Investment Migration
  • Introduction to the Investment Migration Industry
  • Citizenship-by-Investment: Travel and Settlement Freedom for HNWIs
  • The world’s leading Residence-by-Investment Programs
Alexis Tan
Director, Private Clients
Henley & Partners
Room A – Workshop
Rearranging the banking landscape
  • Evolution of change and the challenge to existing players; Who, how and when?
  • How is technology evolving the industry?
  • Example of digital platforms in wealth management / private banking
Damian Hitchen
CEO Singapore
Room A – Workshop
What is CLM and how can it drive your business growth?
  • The CLM journey: prospecting, onboarding, managing, engaging
  • How CRM sits at the heart of CLM
  • Exploring the efficiency gains for your internal teams and the insights for senior management
Dominic Gamble
Head of Asia Pacific
Wealth Dynamix
Room B – Workshop
Emerging Technologies that are shaping the future of Wealth & Investment Management
  • Blockchain in Wealth Management
  • Rise of AI and Robotic Process Automation
Abhijeet Singh Hazare
Head of Sales for Financial Services – South East Asia
3i Infotech
Refreshment & Networking
Panel discussion
Finding the best value today - investing in Vietnam
  • Where are the opportunities for both local and international investors?
  • What’s the outlook for the financial markets in Vietnam over the next decade?
  • What should Vietnam do to increase its attractiveness for the offshore wealth management industry – and encourage more investment in Vietnam?
  • Vietnam is a key beneficiary of the current US/China trade war, but is this trend sustainable?
  • Is the Vietnam’s stock market fairly priced?
  • Do Vietnam’s stock market indices reflect what is happening in the broader market?
  • What are the risks?
  • Public equity vs credit vs private markets?
  • Is there enough market depth and liquidity?
Andreas Vogelsanger
Chief Executive Officer
Asia Frontier Capital
Rainer Michael Preiss
Executive Director, Investment Advisory
Taurus Family Office
Thi Xuan Dung Nguyen
Investment Director
Lawrence Brader
Co-Porfolio Manager
PXP Vietnam Asset Management
Anh Tuan Phung
Managing Partner
VCI Legal
Panel discussion
What do you need to do to be a successful wealth manager?
  • What product knowledge and skills do you need?
  • What ‘BAD’ practices from other markets must we avoid?
  • How can learning and professional development help you add value and differentiate your offering?
  • Why is improving skills so important?
  • Trusted adviser – what does that even mean?
  • What are the client’s needs?
  • Growing your AUM - client retention, existing client referrals and prospecting.
Simon Lints
Chief Executive Officer, Singapore
Schroders Wealth Management
K R Raju
Founder & Adviser License Financial Planner
Blueprint Planning
Dominic Gamble
Head of Asia Pacific
Wealth Dynamix
Forum End