Event Agenda

Welcome Address
Michael Stanhope
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Panel Discussion
How is Wealth Management in UAE developing? Opportunities and Challenges?
  • What's your best and worst possible scenario for this industry in the next three years?
  • What’s your USP?
  • Which clients are the focus? What segments are the focus?
  • Long-term success in the UAE is based on what? 
  • What’s the evolution of AI, data and digital in banking?
  • How is the legal and regulatory landscape developing?
  • It’s been a tough few years – when will the market bounce back?
  • What are the developing regional opportunities you can service from Dubai?
  • Does the quality of talent fall short in comparison to Singapore, London and New York?
  • How are you dealing with the hunt for talent?
  • How can you transition clients to the next generation of bankers?
Muneer Khan
Partner, Financial Markets
Simmons & Simmons
Ashok Sardana
Founder and Managing Director
Continental Financial Services
Ayesha Abbas
GM – Affluent, Head of Priority & Premium Banking, and Branch Network, UAE
Standard Chartered Bank
Paul A Cox
Regional Head of Wealth Development, MENA and Turkey
Saif Al Keem
Head of Priority Banking, Wealth Management, and Liabilities
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
End of Service Benefit within ADGM/Abu Dhabi
Martyn Crespel
  • Why are we doing it
  • How are we doing it
  • The benefit to the employee
RM Office - 2020 Advantage
Anand Rai
Presales Lead
Intellect Design Arena
  • Possibility to Increase RMs productivity by 20%
  • Possibility to reduce operational cost by 20%
  • Let your system take care of compliance - 3D Compliance
  • Leveraging Digital - Enhanced Outreach and contextualised experience
  • Actionable insights to direct the destiny of the business
Panel Discussion
How is the Multi Family Office (MFO) proposition developing?
  • Why start a MFO in the GCC?
  • The vast majority of AUM remains with private banks and bankers – with investment decisions still driven by the client on an advisory basis. Will this change? What’s the value that a MFO brings? How do you compete?
  • How will Private Banks and Independent Firms collaborate or compete in the future?
  • What are some of the common challenges for the IAMs/MFOs today? IT, HR, Ops, Compliance?
  • How are you improving your platform from an investment and operational perspective?
  • What is your target segment of clients?
  • How are you evolving your client service?
  • Where will new clients come from? UAE, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Europe, Eastern Africa?
  • Are the majority of MFOs firms truly independent? How should clients decide which firm is best to use?
  • Where is the most robust and organised financial centre for UHNW wealth?
Madhavan Sivashankar
Founder, CEO & Member of The Board of Directors
Gulf International Finance
Prashant Tandon
Chief Executive Officer
Lighthouse Canton
Fadi Barakat
Director Portfolio Management and Advisory
Namara Wealth Advisors
Refreshment & Networking
Food for thought: CRS / AEOI – Practical experiences
Ivan Pelle
Founder & CEO
  • CRS Common Reporting Standard – Developments - Participating vs Permanent Non-Reciprocal Jurisdiction
  • AEOI Automatic Exchange of Information - Transparency & Tax Planning – Territorial vs WWI taxation
  • AEOI and CRS practical experiences
From Success to Significance - How to excel professionally
Malik S. Sarwar
K2 Leaders
  • Learn the three things to excel, integrity, competence, compassion
  • Discover three things you can do to enhance your skills
  • One golden nugget you can apply for success
Panel Discussion
Evolution of the advisory landscape
  • What developments are we seeing in Islamic Wealth and Asset Management?
  • Delivering investment products and advice to clients – time to re-think everything?
  • Quality of advice – what’s different in the GCC vs Europe and Asia?
  • How are clients looking to diversity into –           
    - Managed Investments           
    - Non-correlated assets           
    - Private Assets
    - Debt and Equity
    - Income generating assets
  • What innovative investment solutions are UHNW clients looking for?
  • What new structured product solutions are clients eager to engage?
  • Is it likely that clients will be more interested in discretionary?
  • How will we move to a fee for service and deliver advice?
  • How do we justify that fee?
  • What are the services we are charging and what do clients get?
Tomasz Bortnik
Head of Wealth Management Product – UAE & Bahrain
Asad Khairi
Regional Head Investment & Insurance, Middle East, North Africa & Turkey
Malik S. Sarwar
K2 Leaders
Lunch & Networking
Panel Discussion
The Opportunities for Family Offices, Multi-Family Offices and their Service Providers in the UAE
  • How is the UAE competing in the Family Office and Multi-Family Office segment?
  • How does the UAE compare to Singapore, Switzerland, London and the Channel Islands?
  • Family’s from which countries are optimal targets for UAE FO/MFO’s – what is the current experience and are their new developing trends?
  • With economic substance tests and CRS, are mid-shore financial centres such as Singapore and Switzerland at a competitive disadvantage with the UAE?
  • For Families utilising the UAE as a FO/MFO location where are the optimal booking centres for liquid assets – are we observing changes to the traditional booking centres (London and Switzerland) in favour of other centres (Singapore or Hong Kong)?
  • Are the leading private banks and asset management platforms in these booking centres sufficiently focused on the UAE and delivering appropriate levels of custody, product and transaction related services? What could be improved?
  • What are the pro’s and cons’ over inhouse vs. outsourced wealth structuring services to FO/MFO’s in Dubai? Are GCC based families open to outsourced services or do they prefer to keep it all inhouse? What are the opportunities for outsourced providers and what is their competitive edge?
  • What trends do you see in GCC families being prepared to pay fees for services?
  • How is the UAE positioned competitively to attract FO/MFO family members to establish residency? What are the pros and cons and what are the competitive advantages of UAE over other jurisdictions?
Ewald J. Scherrer
Managing Director
Alpadis Group
Laurence Black
Regional Director, Client Solutions, EMEA
Asiaciti Trust Group
Ismael Hajjar
Associate Partner, MENA Private Client Services, Family Enterprise, Family Office Advisory
Nirav Dinesh Kumar Shah
Founder and Managing Director
FAME Advisory
Vinod Krishnan
Managing Director
Arch Corporation
Family and Family Office Governance
Ewald J. Scherrer
Managing Director
Alpadis Group
  • What is family Governance?
  • Why is Family Governance essential to ensuring wealth preservation and the transfer of wealth to future generations for family cohesion and stability, now and in the future?
  • How Family Governance helps provide greater clarity on one’s succession, ownership, governance and strategy?
Different Strokes for Different Folks…
Laurence Black
Regional Director, Client Solutions, EMEA
Asiaciti Trust Group

Selecting the Right Fiduciary and Jurisdiction - Benefits and considerations

  • What to look for when choosing a trustee
  • Choice of jurisdiction
  • Benefits of an independent trustee
Refreshment & Networking
Value-added family office services beyond asset management
Oliver Muggli
Chief Executive Officer 1291 Private Office
1291 Group
  • A Family Office can add more value to its wealthy families than simply managing their assets and exploring promising investment opportunities.
  • Taking a more holistic view, additional services can create a significant benefit for the wealthy families and can help to strengthen the client relationship.
  • Succession planning with a modern and sophisticated wealth planning tool and tailor-made financing solutions for illiquid assets such as a private jet, art or a single stock position are good examples for these value-added services.
The HNW Insurance Market has Changed – Here’s how you win
David Varley
Chief High Net Worth Officer, Hong Kong
Sun Life Financial
  • What’s happening in the HNW Market?
  • How HNW Brokers, Bankers, EAM can adapt to win in the new HNW Insurance Market?
  • What are the new Products and Trends in HNW Market?
  • Why should Bankers and Financial Advisers be interested in HNW Insurance?
Panel Discussion
Estate and Succession Planning Solutions for GCC based clients – what are the key considerations?
  • Which jurisdictions do GCC based clients prefer to utilise for their wealth planning / trust structures? Is there any evidence of movement from traditional centres to new locations?
  • Is the availability of common-law trust structuring through the DIFC seeing traction?
  • For older structures, with the development of economic substance / CRS etc. is there sufficient focus on reviewing and remediating these structures? What are the opportunities here?
  • For non-Muslims the DIFC Wills process is relatively expensive, in particular for Mass Affluent and lower segment High Net Worth clients – what is the process and cost implications and what are the options and pitfalls for alternatives to the DIFC Will for onshore assets?
  • For some GCC based clients Common-Law Trusts may not be a suitable solution for their wealth transfers needs – what alternative structures are being utilised by which client segments?
  • What are the trends in the utilisation of life insurance by GCC based clients? Is there a move from single payment to multi-pay UL? What about indexed UL over traditional UL? What about PPLI and VUL?
Ahmad Chahidi
Wealth Planning Advisory International
Julius Baer
Karim Ghandour
Founder and CEO
Legacy Line Family Office
Oliver Muggli
Chief Executive Officer 1291 Private Office
1291 Group
David Varley
Chief High Net Worth Officer, Hong Kong
Sun Life Financial
Sunita Singh Dalal
Of Counsel
Stephenson Harwood
Deepak Malhotra
Chief Executive Officer
Mayfair Private
Forum End