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Steven Mantle

Head of Marketing & Investor Relations

PXP Vietnam Asset Management

Steven has been based in Ho Chi Minh City for five years, working on the buy-side in Vietnam’s capital markets throughout his time there and enjoying witnessing the growth from a total of $60bn market cap at the time of arrival to $160bn today. He accepted an opportunity in Vietnam following six years working in Royal Bank of Scotland’s corporate banking division. As a portfolio manager, he was responsible for the debt structuring of a customer base of hotels and restaurants with private equity and venture capital backing to expand across the UK. Vietnam was the obvious choice of relocation when moving to Asia due to the exciting capital market reforms and challenging restructuring of the country’s banking sector, as well as witnessing first-hand the high growth levels of this large frontier economy and the effect this has on both its finance industry and everyday life. He holds a degree in Economics from Queen Mary, University of London, where upon studying development economics he was first drawn to the exciting economic growth of southeast Asia alongside fascinating demographic and consumption trends. Steven joined PXP Vietnam Asset Management, Vietnam’s oldest listed equity specialist, in 2018 where he works in marketing and investor relations for the firm’s two funds; PXP Vietnam Emerging Equity Fund and PXP Vietnam Smaller Companies Fund.