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Welcome Address
Michael Stanhope
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Panel discussion
Big Opportunities / Big Challenges
  • What’s your USP?
  • What have you got that means you will be here in five years?
  • How must you refine and redefine your value proposition today?
  • Are you nimble, responsive and adaptive?
  • What’s the advantage and disadvantage to pure-play firms vs universal banks?
  • What is the client expecting from you today?
  • What trends are we seeing in Europe and North America in wealth and asset management?
  • Where is growth coming from over the next five years? Bigger share of wallet? Lending? Next-gen leads? Organic vs acquisition vs partnership?
  • Biggest opportunities for the next three years?
  • Biggest challenges for the next three years?
Vincent Magnenat
Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific
Lombard Odier
Arnaud Tellier
Co-CEO, Asia Pacific, Head of South-East Asia
BNP Paribas Wealth Management
Simon Lints
Chief Executive Officer, Singapore
Schroders Wealth Management
Rohit Bhuta
Chief Executive Officer
Richard Nino
Executive Vice-President, Head of Global Distribution
Fiera Capital
Head - to - Head Q & A
How is technology Impacting the delivery of Wealth Management?
Damian Hitchen
CEO Singapore
  • Transitioning wealth management into the digital era
  • Distribution and connectivity is key
State of EM: unearthing hidden gems in China and ASEAN
David Lai
Partner & Co-Chief Investment Officer
Premia Partners
  • Who are we and why do we focus on simplifying beta choices in Asia
  • A review of opportunities in China new economy and ASEAN stocks, as well as implementation options
  • Introducing a better way to access Asian frontier and global EM markets
Panel discussion
Tweaking the investment engine
  • The revenue squeeze is on. Where does your revenue come from in the future?
  • How do you reconcile the suitability of investment products you sell to your clients with profitability?
  • When you launch a new product – how do you gauge whether it was successful?
  • Are we making any progress in creating a ‘stickier’ engagement with clients?
  • How can banks really make discretionary offerings work, to increase their share of client assets in DPM?
  • Investing is a simple process that is not easy to execute. The investor can be irrational. It is behavioural. Is Behavioural Finance a critical component to manage client expectations?
  • How are we improving the investment platform and processes?
  • Can we cut cost – without impacting the client experience or performance?
  • What's the role of digital today?
  • Can digital add greater value to traditional advisory?
  • What's the right balance between face-to-face and technology driven interaction?
Rodolphe Larque
Head of Managed Solutions APAC
Credit Suisse Private Banking
Damian Hitchen
CEO Singapore
Tuck Meng Yee
JRT Partners
Hrishikesh Unni
Managing Director, Client Investments
Taurus Wealth Advisors
Jalil Rasheed
Investment Director
Pierre DeGagne
Executive Director – Investment Funds Fund Selection & Strategy
DBS Private Banking
Refreshment & Networking
The case for frontier markets and the continued growth of MENA
Dominic Bokor-Ingram
Emerging Markets CIO / Portfolio Manager
Fiera Capital
  • Frontier provides high growth and low correlation to global equity markets
  • In a global context - the macro stands out
  • Reform in the MENA region
Beware of Greenwashing as ESG Momentum Builds
Shihan Abeyguna
Head of Business Development, Asia
  • Growth of ESG Funds
  • What is Greenwashing?
  • What to do about Greenwashing?
Unlocking the potential of Private Markets
Sam Clothier
Investment Director, Private Market Specialist Distribution
Aberdeen Standard Investments
  • Potential to deliver higher returns than traditional assets
  • Add a new source of risk premia to investment portfolios
  • Lower correlation of returns to public markets
Picking winners in Asia
Odile Lange-Broussy
Senior Portfolio Manager
Lombard Odier
  • Is Asian equities a compelling investment case?
  • The case for sustainable investment in Asia
  • How do we generate alpha?
Panel discussion
"Young investors" - Investing with Purpose?

We use the word "Millennial" regularly. Most “young” people consider the word an insult, denoting someone who is lazy, spoiled, feckless, etc. Regardless of what their attitude is and how effective they may be - many are coming into serious wealth, thanks to rich and doting parents. Winning the hearts and minds of "Young investors" – will be key to your long-term success. But are you too old to deal with them – and has your bank got any ideas around finding tangible, innovative ideas to get them engaged? Intergenerational wealth preservation is not easy – it requires holistic planning, targeted education and an acute focus on the customer experience.

  • How do you deal with the younger generation?
  • What is their attitude towards investing?
  • What do the younger generations expect from you?
  • What are banks doing to create a holistic and meaningful user experience for them?
  • Beyond investments, what other engagement do you need to provide?
  • Has client demand for Impact investing, SRI, ESG increased?
  • Do you provide these solutions in-house?
  • Is impact investing an add-on or a core investment?
  • Which areas would you invest in or avoid?
  • What's the next phase of impact investing?
  • Assessing products: the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Does ESG deliver superior returns?
  • Can these offerings be bespoke to deepen relationships with clients?
Arjan de Boer
Deputy Chief Executive, Head of MIS, Asia Markets, Investments & Structuring, Asia
Indosuez Wealth Management
Marc Lansonneur
Managing Director, Head of Managed Solutions and Investment Governance
DBS Private Banking
Alvin Lee
Managing Director, Head of ASEAN Account Management
IHS Markit
Paul Stefansson
Managing Director, Global Co-Head of Investment Funds
UBS Wealth Management
Dr. Silvio Struebi
Simon-Kucher & Partners
How is technology impacting the delivery of Wealth Management?
  • What are the main evolutions being driven by technology?
  • What are the client demands re; technology? What are the expectations?
  • Is the industry, and its main players, adopting and adapting its delivery of services?
Damian Hitchen
CEO Singapore
State of EM: unearthing hidden gems in China and ASEAN

2018 witnessed an aggressive EM correction on the back of USD strength, global growth and trade war concerns. While broader EM still faces some of these concerns, portions of EM markets in our backyards have strong fundamentals, low valuations, are under-invested and are now benefiting from global supply chain rebalancing and improved currency dynamics. Emerging ASEAN stocks are benefiting from USD weakness and supply chain repositioning. China new economy stocks are benefiting from an increasingly domestic and consumption driven market. Markets like Vietnam, a frontier market yet to be upgraded to EM, looks particularly interesting as many now view it as the main beneficiary of the dispute between China and the US.

David Lai
Partner & Co-Chief Investment Officer
Premia Partners
Frontier markets and alpha generation
  • Why we can generate high alpha
  • How we generate high alpha
  • Why returns are sustainable over the cycle
Dominic Bokor-Ingram
Emerging Markets CIO / Portfolio Manager
Fiera Capital
Refreshment & Networking
Panel discussion
Shifting the Dial – how do investors (Family Offices, UNNW, Private Clients) recalibrate their portfolio for the year ahead?
  • What are the main investment themes and the products that will be most relevant in 2H?
  • How will you help clients shift mindset, investing style and portfolio holdings as the market transitions to a more volatile phase?
  • Risks and opportunities for 2H 2018? How are you delivering performance? Managing risk?
  • What Asian Markets offer the best value? What’s your view on China?
  • What is your current thinking about the role of fixed income and credit in HNW / UHNW clients’ portfolios?
  • What are the prospects for US dollar interest rates in the coming 12 months?
  • Equity – where is best? Where is worst?
  • What must be considered when investing in emerging markets?
  • What's the role of structured products in 2H 2019?
  • Any role for passive and index products?
  • What’s the role for private debt and alternatives within portfolios?
Johan Jooste
Head: Rates
Bank of Singapore
Martin Goerojo
Director, Capital Markets Investment Products - Wealth Management, Asia Pacific
Laurent Lequeu
Head of Portfolio Management
Lumen Capital Investors Pte Ltd
Anand Ramachandran
Partner & Fund Manager
River Valley Asset Management
Olivier Monnard
Head, Markets Products Specialist, Wealth Markets Products & Sales
Standard Chartered Bank
George Boubouras
Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer
Caledonia Pacific Capital Partners
Panel discussion
Interesting and relevant Investment Solutions for YOUR clients
  • Is GOLD an interesting asset class today? What’s its role in a client portfolio?
  • What’s the difference between physical and paper gold?
  • What are the interesting opportunities in Emerging and Frontier Markets?
  • What are the opportunities to invest in Vietnam today?
  • It's one year since Vietnam failed to enter MSCI’s watchlist for a market status upgrade – will it happen this year?
  • Can investors look to make money via a multi asset strategy as volatility / market uncertainty increases?
  • Are there any thematic / more secular equity ideas that are poised to do well? Like the environment and climate change?
Mehak Dua
Business Development
Zvika Rotbart
Business Development Executive
J. Rotbart & Co.
Steven Mantle
Head of Marketing & Investor Relations
PXP Vietnam Asset Management
Benn Ng
Managing Director, Head of Southeast Asia
Raffles Family Office
Dominic Bokor-Ingram
Emerging Markets CIO / Portfolio Manager
Fiera Capital
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