Laurence Lancaster
Barrister-at-law, Group Head of Tax
Sovereign Group

Laurence was called to the UK Bar in 2006 having studied law at the University of Bristol, Warwick University and Nottingham Law School. He joined Sovereign as in-house Counsel at the beginning of 2008, and was appointed Sovereign Group Tax Counsel in 2010. Now Sovereign’s Head of Tax, Laurence has recently re-located to Asia and will be principally based from Sovereign’s Singapore office for the foreseeable future. Specialising in the UK tax treatment of overseas structures and pension schemes, Laurence typically advises high net worth individuals on tax mitigation strategies concerning future planning as well as unscrambling existing offshore structures. A large part of his practice involves advising on UK property ownership issues. Laurence advises high net worth clients directly, as well as professional clients who receive the advice on their behalf. He works closely with external tax counsel practising at the UK’s leading tax chambers; he also works closely with HMRC, particularly in the area of the UK tax treatment of overseas pension schemes. He is currently co-writing a book on UK pension taxation and is the ITPA Jurisdiction Editor for Singapore.