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Welcome Address
Michael Stanhope
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Panel discussion
Is the wealth management offering in Indonesia evolving rapidly enough?
  • Where will the continued growth come from and what are your priorities?
  • How is regional wealth management developing?
  • How are private banks changing their proposition?
  • What does the private banker of tomorrow look like?
  • Whats the role today of regional financial centres like Singapore?
  • How do the different players – wealth management, insurance and banks compete or complement each other?
  • How is the insurance market developing – especially for HNW?
  • How important is digital today?
  • Offshore / onshore. Where is the long-term opportunity?
  • Is there a hybrid model where international banks can work with onshore banks?
  • What changes are we seeing in client expectations and behaviour?
Ranjit Khanna
Chief Executive Singapore, Market Head, South Asia, Private Banking
Simon Lints
Chief Executive Officer, Singapore
Schroders Wealth Management
Kimmis Pun
Senior Managing Director, Head Greater China
EFG Bank
Carolyn Leng
Regional Head of Sales, Private Banking
CIMB Private Banking
Steven Suryana
Head of Wealth Management, Retail Banking and Wealth Management
Chris Bendl
Chief Executive Officer & Country Manager
Zurich Topas Life
Head - to - Head Q & A
Recent Trends and Developments in Investor Migration
Daphne Chandra, IMCM
Country Head, Indonesia
Henley & Partners
  • Global trends and developments in investor migration
  • What’s driving investor migration for Asian HNWIs?
  • Key considerations for HNWIs in relation to residence and citizenship planning
Current Wealth Management Trends
Irene Lee
Business Development Director, Intermediary and Partnership
  • Overview - Asia in General; GDP and Growth
  • Updates on Singapore and Hong Kong as Wealth Management Centres
  • Brief Updates on CRS and AEOI
  • Tax Compliant Estate Planning Tools
Panel discussion
TECH / DIGITAL = Faster, cheaper and better wealth management
  • What’s the potential for non-banks and other start-ups to eat into existing market share of organisations built on a traditional business model supported by RMs and bricks and mortar wrapped around well-known brands that are perceived to be safe?
  • Build it yourself or PLUG & PLAY?
  • What digital trends are we seeing elsewhere?
  • Platforms and processes – whats the role of digital?
  • Which technology solution provider do I choose?
  • What are the consequences of not doing enough or anything?
  • What is the client experience supposed to look like?
  • Have we seen any examples of tangible success in digital wealth management?
  • How should banks decide what's working? What KPIs should we use?
Michael Gerber
Chief Executive Officer
Namit Khanna
Sales Director - SEA & India
Anthony J. Harper
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Axial Partners
Loïc Pitrou
Co-founder and CEO
New Wealth
Ivan Kusuma
Senior Vice President, Investment & Liabilities Dept Head
Commonwealth Bank
Head - to - Head Q & A
Physical Gold – making a shiny and solid contribution to any portfolio
David Fergusson
Global Precious Metals
  • Why should you buy physical Gold?
  • How should you buy it? Or not buy it?
  • Where should you store it?
Refreshment & Networking
Key trends in the global ETF market and passive investing
Ogar Renaldi Widjaja
Passive Sales, Head of South East Asia and Intermediaries
  • Global ETF market is over $4 trillion and bigger than hedge fund industry. Why has it grown so fast? Is passive going to surpass active?
  • Who uses ETFs? How do different investors use ETFs?
  • What are the recent trends / flows? Which asset class / sectors have seen the most inflows / outflows?
Re-imagining Wealth Management for the Digital Age
Dhawal Kamath
Country Chief Executive Officer, Philippines, Head of Products SEA
EbixCash Financial Technology (Formerly Miles Software)
  • The Winds of change in Wealth management
  • The Omni Channel Myth
  • The Reimagined technology
  • Digital Push
How technology is changing the way we distribute structured products
Eric Michl
Head of Equity DerivativesTrading, Asia

Digital trends: what we sell, to whom, how and in which format:

  • what: payoffs range from simple vanilla options to complex exotic products
  • to whom: clients range from large Private Banks (B2B) to individual investors (B2C) across Europe, Asia and the US
  • how: wide variety of digital distribution channels, including exchanges, third-party trading platforms, email, bilateral connections
  • format: listed, OTC, securitized

Does technology make structured-product trading faster, cheaper and more efficient?

Panel discussion
Helping wealthy families in the new transparent world
  • What are the needs of wealthy Indonesian Families?
  • How are they dealing with legacy and succession planning?
  • How do you have a conversation with clients around sensitive family issues?
  • New tax developments?
  • What’s the role of insurance in this mix?
  • What are the practical considerations for HNW clients in wealth protection and transfer?
  • How are these needs developing? And how can you help clients understand these needs?
  • What trends are we seeing in Philanthropy?
  • How do wealthy clients structure their non-investment assets?
  • Do clients really understand the problems they have?
Chris Burton
Managing Director
Jeroen Simons
Director, High Net Worth Business Development
Sun Life Financial
Richard Piliero
Regional Executive
Benjamin Szeto
Partner, Private Wealth
RHTLaw Taylor Wessing
Hassan Karim
President Director
Zurich General Insurance
Malcolm K-L Lim
Sovereign Straits Trust
The World of Digital: As many promises, as many threats
Nagaraj Prasadh
Country Head
Intellect Design Arena

With the digital wave ( of rather, a Tsunami ), we have experienced complete disruption in multiple industries.

  • What does digital mean to the World of Investments ?
  • Is there a threat of dis-intermediation ?
  • Or maybe, it's a world of new opportunities?
  • A new definition for experience. And may be, a shift from the Macro to the Micro....
Room A – Workshop
The World’s Leading Residence - and Citizenship-by-Investment Programmes
  • Overview of Immigration programmes
  • The leading Citizenship-by-Investment Programmes in the Caribbean
  • European Citizenship-by-Investment in Malta and Cyprus
  • Attractive European Residence-by-Investment Programme
Daphne Chandra, IMCM
Country Head, Indonesia
Henley & Partners
Scott Moore, IMCM
Director - Private Clients, Head of Philippines Office
Henley & Partners
Room B – Workshop
Re-imagining Wealth Management for the Digital Age
  • The Reimagined technology
  • Digital Push
Sachin Gawade
Director Sales, Asia Pacific
EbixCash Financial Technology (Formerly Miles Software)
Room A – Workshop
Managed Accounts in Asia

Managed accounts are one of the largest and fastest growing segments of the wealth management market globally, eclipsing $5 trillion of assets in the U.S. market alone. Increasingly they are available in Asia as an important tool for wealth managers to access third party asset managers to implement tailored and transparent solutions for their discretionary portfolio management clients.

  • What is a managed account?
  • How does it work?
  • Making money for clients with managed accounts
  • Why is a managed account relevant in Asia today?
  • Who is Axial Partners?
Anthony J. Harper
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Axial Partners
Room B – Workshop
UK private tax client issues
  • What are the Challenges arising from the UK Criminal Finances Act 2017?
  • What does the new ‘Corporate Offences of Tax Evasion’ legislation mean for you?
  • The Statutory Defense of ‘Reasonable Procedures’
  • Unexplained Wealth Orders
  • Are your structures / planning underpinned by the correct tax advice?
  • Investing in UK property residential property: traps, pitfalls and planning tips
Gez Owen
General Counsel and Head of Content
Laurence Lancaster
Barrister-at-law, Group Head of Tax
Sovereign Group
Refreshment & Networking
Panel discussion
Building investment capability and refining the proposition
  • Regulation and compliance – what are the challenges?
  • Has there been any positive developments in the local investment management industry in the last 12-months?
  • What’s your wish list? What would you like to see change?
  • What scope would you like to see for local and overseas asset managers to collaborate?
  • Will there ever be more chance to be more international in our investment thinking?
  • Is there any move towards advice? Discretionary?
  • How are you thinking about fund selection and portfolio construction? Open architecture – myth or reality?
  • Incentivising the right behaviour to get to sustainable earnings for the organisation and the right outcomes for clients
  • The sales process and suitability – to what extent it the business maturing and becoming more structured and professional?
Ogar Renaldi Widjaja
Passive Sales, Head of South East Asia and Intermediaries
Antony Dirga
President Director
Trimegah Asset Management
Bill Johnston
President Director
Glant Saputra Hadi
SVP Head, Segmentation & Wealth Management
BII Maybank
Steven Satya Yudha
Head - Sales & Distribution
Ashmore Investment Management
Panel discussion
Regional wealth management – investment themes and processes
  • How would you like to see the opportunity in Indonesia develop for you?
  • What products do you feel would be most valuable to clients in Indonesia?
  • How are regional wealth management firms improving their investment processes and platform?
  • Global equity markets have seen a strong run. Does it still have legs? Or are we reaching a terminal stage? Where do you now turn to drive long-term returns for a portfolio?
  • What alternative investments are there for HNW and UHNW clients and why are they relevant?
  • What’s the increasing role of Physical Gold?
  • How do clients in Asia think about risk today?
  • What have been some of the popular investment products sold this year?
  • Opportunities of key market mega-trends of millennial, baby boomers, women empowerment, ESG, SRI. How are you capitalising on these?
Olivier Robine
Managing Director, Head of Equity and Commodity-Asia
Shihan Abeyguna
Head of Business Development, Asia
Joshua Rotbart
Managing Partner
J. Rotbart & Co.
David Fergusson
Global Precious Metals
Keynote Presentation
Being Human
David MacDonald
Head of Learning Solutions
  • Trust me - I’m not a robot
  • Relationships rule
  • Why you?
Forum End