Anand Varadarajan
Head of Global and Alternative Asset Management
NJ Global Invest

Anand is a global financial services professional who’s been in the investment advisory space for about 17 years. He has been the winner of the prestigious award “40 Under 40” investment professionals in India. He comes with work experience around the world including US and India. He has a proven track record and hands on experience of working with brands like GE Capital, HSBC, BNP Paribas, DHFL and NJ Group. He brings with him an all round experience of visibility on both sides of the investment world.As the Head of Global and alternative asset management at NJ, with strong focus on bringing “Rules based” and “Asset allocation” based investment models, he focusses on bringing state of the art products for investors across the globe. His experience and the strong technology platform and product offering of NJ make a very strong coalition for providing the most reliable platform and partner for clients living in the world over to invest into India.