Tariq Aboobaker
Managing Director
Amicorp Group

Tariq has over 19 years’ experience in telecom, private client wealth structuring, private banking, alternative investment funds, debenture trusteeship, estate & succession planning and family office services. He joined Amicorp in December 2011 and took on the challenge of building the nascent Trusteeship business backed by his vast experience and expertise with strong focus on restructuring, innovation and expansion to set up the estate planning vertical for Amicorp in India. Along with estate planning, he has been instrumental in setting up alternative investment fund business, company management services and family enterprise consulting business for Amicorp in India. He carries an extensive knowledge and a vast experience in alternative investment funds, debenture trusteeship, estate planning, family office services, company management and escrow & custodial services Tariq has assisted in advising and facilitation in setting up numerous domestic and off shore funds considering all the regulatory and compliance requirements. In addition to this, he has complete proficiency in offshore company/fund management and cross border taxation. Tariq has assisted multiple large families, business houses and high net worth individuals having wealth across various asset classes and complex business structures with their succession planning and asset protection needs keeping in mind various tax laws, estate duties, inheritance laws and other succession laws across countries. This could be NRI families with wealth across geographies, or Indian families with NRI beneficiaries. He has successfully created and executed ‘Wills’ for smooth transmission of large estates to the legal heirs, has a strong understanding of the succession laws for each class of asset, for various religious groups in India, divorce and inter-caste marriage cases. He has also arbitrated family settlements for large business houses and helped the families in building family constitutions/family charters and articulating business governance models. For individuals desiring to bequeath a portion of their wealth to philanthropy, he has established charitable trusts and foundations, which has been operating successfully, thus transforming their vision into reality. Tariq has participated in multiple family settlements and facilitated arbitration with successful results. He was awarded “40 under 40” as a trust expert in the industry. He has been successfully running Amicorp for seven years. He carries the expertise of setting up new ventures and has been instrumental in setting up Estate Planning Services for Centurion Bank and HDFC Bank post its acquisition of Centurion Bank. Prior to moving to the banking industry, he has spent a considerable amount of his working career in the Telecom Space. Providing committed customer satisfaction and building enduring associations with customers and vendors with strong team motivation and innovative ideas. Tariq fluently speaks multiple languages like English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati.