We were delighted to host our 7th annual event in Singapore for the Independent Wealth Management Community. More than 500 CEOs, COOs, Independent Asset mangers and other senior practitioners attended – from a mix of local and international Private Banks, Retail Banks, Insurance Companies, Independent Firms & Family Offices, Asset Management Companies, and IFAs.

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You might also like to view the full Post-Event Report – which is a consolidated summary, including photos of speakers & delegates, the attendee profiles & some delegate feedback, polling results, and more.



Independent Wealth Management Forum Singapore 2019 Summary
Hubbis is delighted to have hosted our 7th annual event in Singapore for the Independent Wealth Management Community on March 6. The attendance was quite extraordinary, with more than 500 CEOs, COOs, Independent Asset managers and other senior practitioners attending. 



We asked leading industry experts - what are the opportunities and challenges for the year ahead? View the combined video highlights, or click on the links to view the individual videos.

Full Video Highlights
Video Highlights Summary PDF

I Love Wealth Management

Alain Groshens, SystematicEdge
Alex Borissov, Finaport
Andrew Hendry, Aberdeen Standard Investments
Bryan Henning
Damian Hitchen, Swissquote
David Lai, Premia Partners
Gary Dugan, Purple Asset Management
Larry Hatheway, GAM
Martin Huxley,INTL FCStone
Philipp Piaz, Finaport
Richard Harris, Port Shelter Investment Management
Rohit Bhuta, Crossinvest
Urs Brutsch, HP Wealth Management
Walter de Oude, Singapore Life
Will Lawton, Quo


We asked leading industry experts for their exclusive and incisive insights. Click on the links to view the individual videos:

Exclusive Insights PDF

Alain Groshens, SystematicEdge
Is diversification key today?
Managing and understanding risk - how do you estimate risk, and how does it impact your investment process?

Alex Borissov Finaport
What are some of the common challenges for the IAMs/MFOs today? IT, HR, Ops, Compliance?

Andrew Hendry Aberdeen Standard Investments
Is there anywhere to invest in 2019?

Bryan Henning
What are the main investment themes and the products that will be most relevant in 2019?

Damian Hitchen Swissquote
How is technology impacting the delivery of Wealth Management?
What are the client demands regarding technology? What are the expectations?

David Lai Premia Partners
What are the opportunities in China’s new economy and ASEAN stocks, as well as implementation options?

Gary Dugan Purple Asset Management
Is the US market over heated? Are we heading to the next financial crisis in 2020?

Larry Hatheway GAM
Are there any thematic/more secular equity ideas that are poised to do well? Like the environment and climate change?
Can investors look to make money via a multi asset strategy as volatility / market uncertainty increases?

Leonard Chinchay Prodigy Network
What’s your view on global equity markets and do you think real estate (real assets) provides an interesting opportunity at this time (un-correlated)?

Martin Huxley INTL FCStone
Is GOLD an interesting asset class today? What’s its role in a client portfolio?

Philipp Piaz Finaport
What does the IAM landscape in Singapore look like today and what’s the outlook for the industry?

Richard Harris Port Shelter
Investment Management In comparison to ten years ago; What has changed? What has not changed?
What is the outlook for China in 2019? Good time to invest? What sectors are best?

Rohit Bhuta Crossinvest
How independent is independent?

Sam Mudie Cult Wines
How can HNW clients invest in wine? What are the likely returns and benefits?

Urs Brutsch HP Wealth Management
What have you learnt about this industry over the last 30 years?

Walter de Oude Singapore Life
How can you understand the insurance needs of HNW clients?
How important is service and flexibility in the HNW Insurance market?
Which are the hot HNW insurance products in the market and why?

Will Lawton Quo
How is technology Impacting the delivery of Wealth Management?


EVENT CONTENT - Panel discussions

We held 5 interactive panel discussions throughout the day – which involved senior industry practitioners who we invited to participate and share their thoughts. We have also incorporated into the summaries below the briefing notes which speakers sent to us in advance of the event. Plus, we have included the results of audience polling as well as questions we received from delegates. Click on each headline to view the PDFs.

Independent Wealth Management – The Growth, Challenges and Changes Ahead
A decade ago, when some of the panellists formed their own independent firms, there was little understanding of the proposition they represented, and considerable resistance from the main protagonists in the industry. Ten or more years later, the number of independent firms has proliferated, they are working collaboratively with the incumbent players, for example, the top private banks, as well as with the regulators. And they have honed their skills, their products and their advisory expertise to their client base. The next phase of development is critical as they set their sights on the younger generations who are making and inheriting Asia’s vast private wealth.

Panel Members
Simon Lints Chief Executive Officer - Singapore. Schroders Wealth Management
Prof Gunter Dufey Professor Emeritus of Corporate Strategy, International Business and Finance, U of Michigan Ross
Jaydee Lin Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner, Raffles Family Office
Shirley Crystal Chua Founder and Group CEO, Golden Equator Group
Anthonia Hui Chief Executive Officer, AL Wealth Partners
Philipp Piaz Partner, Finaport
Oliver Balmelli Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Head of Private Banking, EFG Bank

Delivering Investment Products and Advice to Clients – Time for a Re-think?
A group of experts gathered for the second panel discussion of the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum to discuss the current issues facing independent wealth management organisations. Transparency is considered to be an important strategic consideration, although there were mixed views on the prevailing ethics in the industry, especially in relation to taking retrocessions. Embracing what technology can offer as well as ensuring performance is paramount and will help differentiate and increase the perceived value of the independent wealth management sector.

Panel members
Damian Hitchen Chief Executive Officer, Middle East & Asia, Swissquote
Yai Sukonthabhund Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Crossbridge Capital
Rohit Bhuta Chief Executive Officer, Crossinvest
Alex Borissov Partner, Finaport
Rachel Chen Head of Digital Wealth (dollarDEX), Aviva
Will Lawton Global Head, Quo
Edwin Lee Chief Executive Officer, Covenant Capital

Sell and Protect: Insurance Opportunities for Wealth Advisers and their HNW Clients
A panel of insurance market experts gathered at the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum to cogitate on the state of the life insurance market and its derivatives as it pertains to Asia’s HNWIs, their families and of course the distributors of the products. The key message from the panellists was that insurance solutions offer protection, savings, wealth enhancement potential, tax mitigation or deferral and the ability to assist in estate and legacy planning. Those advisers and asset managers attending the Forum, they said, would therefore be well advised to become ever more knowledgeable of the suite of solutions on offer in the region.

Panel members
Mark Smallwood Wealth Structuring and Client Advisor
Walter de Oude Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Life
Marcus Hinkley Head of Private Client Services - Asia, Hawksford
David Varley Chief High Net Worth Officer, Sun Life Hong Kong, Sun Life Financial

Navigating Choppy and Uncertain Markets in 2019
A ‘Magnificent Seven’ of panellists at the fourth discussion of the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum surveyed the prevailing themes and trends facing investors in the current unsettled conditions by looking to the past, where history has a tendency to repeat itself, and also to the future, where a social conscience is likely to reap rewards. If lessons are learned from what has happened before in times of volatility and uncertainty, there is hope for investors to weather the storms.

Panel members
Bryan Henning
Deep Singh Head of Investments, EFA Group
Gary Dugan Chief Executive Officer, Purple Asset Management
Gary Tiernan Head of Investments, Crossinvest
Richard Harris Chief Executive Officer, Founder, Port Shelter Investment Management
Arnulfo de Pala Chief Investment Officer, TriLake Partners
Bryan Goh Executive Director, Chief Investment Officer, Bordier & Cie

Interesting and Relevant Investment Ideas for Asia’s HNW Investors in Today’s Market Environment
A panel of experts offered delegates at the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum a host of investment ideas, ranging from gold to wine, to multi-asset strategies, to commercial real estate, to Chinese ETFs and plenty more. Although mainstream financial markets began 2019 in a more robust mood than the problematic 2018, there is plenty of caution around and many mainstream valuations, for example, US equities, are generally strained.

Panel members
Alain Groshens Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, SystematicEdge
Leonard Chinchay VP of Client Relations, Prodigy Network
Sam Mudie Singapore General Manager, Cult Wines
George Nast Chief Strategist, RealFuel, InvestaCrowd
Tony Wong Head of Wealth Solutions, Sales & Product Strategy, CSOP Asset Management
Christophe Numa Director, Bunker Gold & Silver
Mehak Dua Business Development, GMO


EVENT CONTENT - Presentations & Workshops

Below are summaries of the Presentations and Wealth TALKS delivered at the event. These were 10-minute slots hosted either by senior industry practitioners who we invited to speak (Wealth TALKS), or by some of our event partners (Presentations). Also listed with each summary are links to the presentation slides (where these are made available by speakers). Click on each headline to view the web versions of these – from which you can also access the 1-page PDFs.

AIAM Singapore’s President Philipp Piaz Gives Rallying Call to the Independents 
Philipp Piaz, President of the Association of Independent Asset Managers Singapore, gave a keynote address at the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum in Singapore to update delegates on the latest developments affecting the private wealth management market. He ran through the key developments in 2018 and anticipated how AIAM will help independent firms in 2019 and beyond. He urged members to become even more involved and exhorted the non-members amongst the event delegates to reach out to the AIAM.
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Henley & Partners Extols the Virtues of Alternative Residence and Citizenship
Hubbis conducted a head-to-head interview with Dominic Volek, Managing Partner and Head of Southeast Asia at Henley & Partners during the Independent Wealth Management Forum in Singapore. Henley’s
long history in the specialised field of global citizenship and residence planning spans the private practice, which focuses on the needs of high net worth (HNW) and ultra-HNW clients, and their families, seeking secondary residence or citizenship through investment. And it also spans the government sector, where Henley works with countries to design and promote their individual programmes.

The HNW Insurance Market has Changed – How Do You Win?
David Varley, Chief High Net Worth Officer at Sun Life Hong Kong, Sun Life Financial, told the audience what has been happening in the HNW insurance market, and explained how, in his view, brokers, bankers and external asset managers can adapt their strategies to take advantages of the many opportunities. He also highlighted the key trends in the HNW market, and explained why more bankers and financial advisers should be interested in HNW insurance.
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INTL FCStone Explains Why Asia’s HNWIs should Buy Gold, and Why Now
Martin Huxley, Global Head of Precious Metals at INTL FCStone, based in Singapore, believes high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) should always hold some physical gold as part of a diversified portfolio. Gold, he reports, offers a deep and liquid market and gold has performed remarkably well compared with mainstream financial assets for many decades. He told the audience at the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum how their clients can access gold investment products.
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Leonteq Surveys Three Smart Investment Products for The Current Market Conditions
Peter Muehlsiegl, Director, Sales Structured Solutions, Leonteq Securities, addressed the delegates at the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum to offer them some trading ideas that the firm considers an ideal fit for the prevailing financial markets environment.  
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Wealth Preservation and Objective Advice: The Foundations of Wealth Management
Roughly a decade since managing partner Urs Brutsch founded the independent asset management firm HP Wealth Management, the firm has established itself as one of Singapore's standout independent advisory firms. He spoke with Hubbis CEO and founder Michael Stanhope at the Independent Wealth Management Forum to illuminate the delegates on how he thinks the industry has evolved, and to convey his vision of wealth management in 2019 and beyond.  HP Wealth Management today offers discretionary and advisory portfolio management to Asia's high net worth individuals and since 2012 also to family offices. Brutsch has been in wealth management for roughly three decades, all in Singapore, an ideal location for his firm today as the nation’s leaders and regulators have been so determined and innovative in building the country’s financial and wealth services infrastructure and reputation.

Is there Anywhere to Invest Safely and Profitably in 2019?
Andrew Hendry, since April last year Head of Distribution for Asia Pacific at Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI), is looking forward into 2019 with the 2017 merger of Standard Life and Aberdeen Asset Management now firmly embedded. He gave a presentation to delegates at the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum to cast his eye over the world of investments and to explain that although 2018 was a difficult year for global investments, there are opportunities for high-net-worth investors that should not be ignored.
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Luxembourg Private Label Funds: An Ideal Avenue for Asia’s HNWI Portfolios
Eduard von Kymmel, CEO of VP Fund Solutions (Luxembourg), told delegates at the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum why they should think about offering their clients some of the private label funds his firm can provide or create through Luxembourg. Not only do such funds represent excellent vehicles for a wide variety of assets, but they offer discretion, can be created swiftly, offer ISIN-compliance, and are cost-efficient. They free up the initiators to concentrate on what they do best – fund management and distribution for example - while outsourcing the more pedestrian administrative services to experts such as VP Fund Solutions operating within a highly regulated and well-respected jurisdiction such as Luxembourg.
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Hatheway’s Way: New Portfolio Paradigms for a Post-Peak World
Larry Hatheway, Group Head of GAM Investment Solutions and Group Chief Economist, has a world of knowledge at his finger-tips. In just 10 minutes, he managed to compress fascinating insights into the world economy overlaid with advice on how weaker earnings and elevated stock and bond valuations warrant new approaches to multi-asset portfolio construction. Is the classic 60:40 ‘balanced’ portfolio still fit for purpose? No, a new 30/30/40 post-peak, multi-asset, multi-strategy model beckons.
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Global Residence and Citizenship Options for Asia’s Wealthy 
Scott Moore, Country Head for the Philippines based in Singapore at investment migration firm Henley & Partners, sees bountiful prospects for Asia’s HNWIs to choose from a suite of alternative overseas residence and citizenship options. Daphne Chandra, Country Head for Indonesia also joined the talk to highlight some of the best opportunities at the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum in Singapore.

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Emerging Markets in Asia: Unearthing the Hidden Gems in China and ASEAN
David Lai, Partner & Co-Chief Investment Officer of Premia Partners believes there is a universe of opportunity for discerning investors in the Chinese and ASEAN financial markets. He gave both a presentation and a Workshop at the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum to explain why he sees opportunity and how investors can unearth some of the best investment routes available in those markets through Premia’s existing and planned ETF strategies.
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Swissquote’s Platform offers Asia’s Independent Firms a Wealth of Opportunity
Damian Hitchen, CEO for the Middle East & Asia at Swissquote presented a fascinating Workshop at the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum to explain how his firm partners with both major and smaller financial institutions and wealth management firms to offer them B2B solutions that significantly upscale their capabilities, their client service and therefore their revenue streams.

Being Human: Wise and Successful Advisers in the Era of AI and Big Tech
David MacDonald, Head of Learning for Hubbis, believes that wealth management advisers can futureproof themselves by forward planning and making sure that they will be complemented by, and complementary to, artificial intelligence.  Without a structured, forward-focused plan, he advised, the future is more random. But if advisers can look ahead to a career in which they are engaged with their clients, in which they have genuine empathy, and where they can sell not by being insistent but by encouraging clients to make their own decisions, in all likelihood, they will enjoy a fulfilling career in this industry.
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