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Brad Thompson


Fidelity Settlements

Brad Thompson is the co-founder of Fidelity Settlements, a life settlement company established in 2001. Brad was very active with the Life Settlement Industry’s US trade association (Life Insurance Settlement Association – LISA) eventually serving on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors as Vice President and Treasurer for over 6 years. During that time Brad was also the Chairman of the Accounting Issues Committee where he was instrumental in assisting the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) draft FSP 85-4-1 “Accounting for Life Settlement Contracts by Third Party Investors” in 2006. Staff at FASB also requested Brad, through LISA, to draft a white paper on methodologies to determine fair value for life settlements. Brad chaired this project and released that publication in 2007. Brad has assisted in the drafting of several model acts issued by various US regulatory associations (the basis of adopted regulations for the life settlement industry by various states) and has testified in front of numerous state legislative working groups. Brad co-authored the life settlement industry’s Code of Ethics in 2004 and the first version of the industry’s “Best Practices” in 2008 (subsequently revised). Prior to founding Fidelity, Brad held several senior executive positions (CFO, COO and CEO) with a publicly reporting entity that he co-founded. Brad was in Public Accounting for 16 years primarily with Grant Thornton.