Full Agenda

Welcome Address
Michael Stanhope
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Panel discussion
Independent wealth management in Hong Kong – still relevant?
  • What does the IAM landscape in Hong Kong look like today and what’s the outlook for the industry given recent challenges?
  • Are you still committed to business in Hong Kong? What are clients saying and doing?
  • Have you opened an office in Singapore?
  • How will Private Banks and Independent Firms collaborate or compete in the future?
  • In comparison to ten years ago. What has changed? What has not changed in this industry?
  • What are the regulatory and compliance challenges for the Independent wealth management?
  • How independent is independent?
  • What are some of the common challenges for the IAMs/MFOs today? IT, HR, Ops, Compliance?
  • What’s the potential for M&A?
  • How has the competitive environment changed?
  • Is hiring top performers sustainable? What’s the focus on training/hiring/grooming young talent?
  • Are the majority of independent wealth management firms truly independent?
  • Do you think international private banks will find it difficult to grow and increase revenue in the next three years in Asia?
  • Is Singapore today a more robust and organised financial centre for UHNW wealth?
Chi Man Kwan
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Raffles Family Office
Jessica Cutrera
Founding Partner
Capital Company
Salomon Wettstein
Managing Director & Partner
Kenneth Ho
Managing Partner & Founder
Carret Private Capital
Philipp Piaz
Tariq Dennison
Wealth Manager, US-Asia
GFM Asset Management
Building a Private Bank: An Owner’s Point of View
Evrard Bordier
CEO and Managing Partner
Bordier & Cie
  • The makings of an entrepreneurial bank
  • Building a private bank: 3 strategic questions
  • The partnership approach
Investing during trade war: uncorrelated equities and truly risk-free cash
Aleksey Mironenko
Partner & Chief Distribution Officer
Premia Partners
  • An introduction to Premia Partners and our goal to improve Asian beta
  • Why trade war winners are closer than we think – China New Econ and Vietnam are the places to be
  • Why not all cash solutions are the same – Treasury Floating Rate Notes as a risk-free cash alternative
Asian fixed income, where do we stand?
Dhiraj Bajaj
Head of Asia Credit, Fixed Income
Lombard Odier
  • Asia credit as an asset class
  • Market update?
  • What is ahead?
Panel discussion
Delivering investment products and advice to clients – How can you differentiate yourself?
  • What investment products and services must you deliver to clients to compete effectively with Private Banks?
  • As Private Banks focus on wealthier clients – is this an opportunity for you?
  • Transparency, Margins, Costs and Fees – what’s changing?
  • What are your requirements today from your ‘custody platform’?
  • Do clients still prefer to go on a retrocession model vs management fee model?
  • What digital expectations do clients have?
  • What’s the future of Discretionary and Advisory Portfolio Management?
  • What’s the role of technology and AI?
  • Are FinTech’s and Tech Giants threatening our business model?
  • How can you add value on the ‘non’ investment side?
  • Do most independent wealth managers have a robust investment process and philosophy?
  • Do you use a digital wealth manager or robo platform today?
Gary Dugan
Chief Executive Officer
The Global CIO Office
Keith Wong
Chief Executive Officer
Winland Wealth Management
Vincent Au
Managing Director, Head of Investments
ALPS Advisory
Harmen Overdijk
Capital Company
Tom Curtis
Investment Consultant, Principal
The HNW Insurance Market has Changed – Here’s how you win
David Varley
Chief High Net Worth Officer, Hong Kong
Sun Life Financial
  • What’s happening in the HNW Market?
  • How HNW Brokers, Bankers, EAM can adapt to win in the new HNW Insurance Market
  • What are the new Products and Trends in HNW Market
  • Why should Bankers and Financial Advisers be interested in HNW Insurance
Refreshment & Networking
The case for frontier markets and the continued growth of MENA
Dominic Bokor-Ingram
Emerging Markets CIO / Portfolio Manager
Fiera Capital
  • Frontier provides high growth and low correlation to global equity markets
  • In a global context- the macro stands out
  • Reform in the MENA region
Globalization 4.0 – Migration Trends
Elvis Liu Cheng
Client Advisor
Henley & Partners
  • About Henley & Partners
  • Global Migration Trends
  • Regional Hot picks migration programs
The Wealthy Nations Approach to Fixed Income
Bonny Tse
Director of Sales & Distribution, Asia
EFG Asset Management
  • Benchmarks, regulations and restrictions can drive inefficient behaviour in fixed income markets, creating opportunities that can be exploited by flexible investors.
  • An efficient portfolio should be focused on the key drivers and degree of risk rather than replicating a benchmark line by line.
  • The “Wealthy Nations” approach to fixed income reflects active selection and high conviction ideas, with a focus on valuation and fundamental credit quality. 
Revisiting Family Governance
Marcus Hinkley
Head of Private Client Services - Asia

Will your family destroy your wealth, or will your wealth destroy your family?

Family dynamics should always be considered by Wealth advisers when structuring a wealth succession plan. In this presentation Marcus Hinkley will consider relevant family issues surrounding the succession of wealth, be it family governance, what’s in a family constitution, the impact of divorce, second marriages, balancing the expectations of children or the effects on family wealth of living longer.

Head - to - Head Q & A
How is technology Impacting the delivery of Wealth Management?
Damian Hitchen
CEO Singapore
  • Transitioning wealth management into the digital era
  • Distribution and connectivity is key
Panel discussion
Trends in Wealth Structuring and Legacy Planning in Asia
  • Is the turmoil in Hong Kong a game changer in the Hong Kong vs Singapore debate? Will it have different impacts on fiduciary services providers (trustees etc.) relative to asset management services?
  • Are clients 'stress testing' existing trust structures with a particular focus on protecting against external risk: political instability, divorce, bankruptcy etc?
  • Are clients looking to rationalize their myriad of BVI companies into a single family fund, whether that be a single company with a proper shareholders' agreement, a protected cell company, a partnership etc?
  • What is the key driver today for structures in Asia today?
  • Are clients seeking to make their structures simpler or more complex? Why?
  • How well prepared are Asian clients for wealth transition? Is time of the essence?
  • In which jurisdictions do Asia’s wealthy prefer to house their structures? Why?
  • Why is Asia witnessing a proliferation of single-family offices (SFOs) and multi-family offices (MFOs)?
  • Are more Mainland Chinese investors seeking to keep or to move assets offshore?
  • What motivates a client today to have a ‘structure’ in an IFC? Succession planning? Diversification? Asset protection? Privacy?
  • What new structures are in favour, and how are clients simplifying their existing structures?
  • What are the most important factors in selecting an IFC? Are your Asian clients sufficiently inquisitive about the quality and integrity of the IFCs they use?
  • Are the more exotic jurisdictions such as those in the Caribbean still able to complete?
  • What role does investment migration play in wealth structuring?
Clifford Ng
Partner (Hong Kong)
Zhong Lun Law Firm
James Russell
Managing Director, Hong Kong
Equiom Group
Jeffrey Lee
Charles Russell Speechlys
Tim George
John Ashwood
Managing Director
Kevin Lee
Stephenson Harwood
Howard Bilton
Sovereign Group
Peter Golovsky
Managing Director, Global Head of Fiduciary Services and Head of Asia
Cone Marshall
Room A – Workshop
Asian fixed income, where do we stand?
  • Asian credit vs EM credit
  • How do we generate Alpha
  • Open-ended funds vs Fixed maturity products
Dhiraj Bajaj
Head of Asia Credit, Fixed Income
Lombard Odier
Xavier Burkhardt
Head of Distribution Asia (ex-Japan)
Lombard Odier
Room B – Workshop
Rearranging the banking landscape
  • Evolution of change and the challenge to existing players; Who, how and when?
  • How is technology evolving the industry?
  • Example of digital platforms in wealth management / private banking
Damian Hitchen
CEO Singapore
Room A – Workshop
Investing during trade war: uncorrelated equities and truly risk-free cash

Throughout 2019 we’ve been whipsawed by trade war back and forth between China and the US. While many investors are inclined to de-risk and wait it out, the last month has shown that remaining uninvested has its costs too. Instead, a more appropriate strategy may be to a) identify the equity winners regardless of trade war outcome, b) minimize correlations and c) identify truly risk-free assets as a hedge for the doomsday scenario.

  • An introduction to Premia Partners and our goal to improve Asian beta
  • Why trade war winners are closer than we think – China New Econ and Vietnam are the places to be
  • Why not all cash solutions are the same – Treasury Floating Rate Notes as a risk-free cash alternative
David Lai
Partner & Co-Chief Investment Officer
Premia Partners
Aleksey Mironenko
Partner & Chief Distribution Officer
Premia Partners
Room B – Workshop
Popular Residence and Citizenship Programs for HNWI
  • About Henley & Partners
  • Alternative options for the HNWIs
  • Popular Residence and Citizenship Programs for HNWI
Sharon Chan
Client Advisor
Henley & Partners
Refreshment & Networking
Managed Accounts and the Evolution of Wealth Management in Asia
Chris Ryan
Chief Executive Officer
Axial Partners
  • Background to SMAs and why Asian investors are only beginning to understand their advantages
  • Why Mutual Funds just aren’t in demand anymore
  • How SMAs support high touch, active asset management
Life Settlements – an Alternative Noncorrelated Asset Class
Brad Thompson
Fidelity Settlements
  • Non-correlation to the equity market
  • What are investor benefits?
  • Market outlook
Panel discussion
Interesting and relevant Investment Solutions for YOUR clients today
  • What are the main investment themes and the products that will be most relevant in 2020?
  • Where can you find value in the regional fixed income and credit markets?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges when investing in China in 2020?
  • Managing and understanding risk — how do you estimate risk, and how does it impact your investment process?
  • How do you think Asian equity market performance will be in 2020 and beyond?
  • Is GOLD an interesting asset class today? What’s its role in a client portfolio?
  • What’s the difference between physical and paper gold?
  • How do you generate income today?
  • What cash / money market alternatives exist today?
  • Are HNW clients increasing their engagement of ETFs?
  • What’s the outlook for China? Good time to invest? What sectors are best?
  • How do you think real assets benefit a broader diversified portfolio?
  • How can HNW clients invest in wine? What are the likely returns and benefits?
Aleksey Mironenko
Partner & Chief Distribution Officer
Premia Partners
Joe Alim
Director for Greater China
Cult Wines
Tony Wong
Head of Intermediary Sales
CSOP Asset Management
Joshua Rotbart
Managing Partner
J. Rotbart & Co.
David Wills
Managing Director
Robert Petty
Co-Founder Clearwater Funds, Co-CEO and Co-CIO Fiera Capital (Asia)
Clearwater Funds
Suresh Singh
Managing Director, Head of Funds Distribution - Asia
Principal Global Investors
Forum End