We are delighted to host our 6th annual event in Singapore for the Independent Wealth Management Community.

We have refreshed the format for the event – and we think it’s particularly relevant at a time of so much change, uncertainty and opportunity for the industry.

We are hosting it in conjunction with the Association of Independent Asset Managers (AIAM) Singapore.

Specific topics we will cover include;

  • How can we be different?
  • Does this industry need to be shaken up and reengineered?
  • Innovation and evolution - How will you adapt to constant changes in technology, investor behaviour and regulation?
  • What’s the opportunity that the growing wealth in China and India represents to you?
  • Do you really want to grow your business? How will you do it?


Key elements of the event –

  • Identify success stories and best practices with more than 250+ leading wealth management colleagues
  • A meaningful get-together with top Asia-based independent asset management firms and multi-family offices
  • Explore and foster industry collaboration with exciting and interactive panel discussions, focused presentations, workshops, head-to-head interviews, and more
  • An unprecedented opportunity to hear from more than 30 local and international speakers who are experts in this space
  • 7 focused 10-minute presentations
  • 5 Panel discussions
  • 4 40-minute workshops


You have a choice of which sections you attend –

When you register -

You can attend the whole day

Or you can attend any of these segments;

Attend the morning session from 8.55am – 1.00pm

Attend the afternoon session with proactive workshops 1.50pm – 3.10pm

Attend the Investment Solutions segment at 3.30pm – 5.00pm


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