At a time when financial institutions of all types are re-assessing their strategies and engagement of all kinds of technology – our ambition is to create unique thought-leadership from the most influential participants in the wealth management community.

The agenda is designed to include presentations, workshops, case studies and panel discussions – to look at where the market is at today, the opportunities and challenges it faces, and where it needs to go to move it to the next level.

Its exclusively designed for CEOs, COOs, Tech and Digital decision makers – from the leading international and local Private Banks, Asset Management Companies, Retail Banks, IFAs, Family Offices, Insurance Companies, and Independent Wealth Management Firms.

There are some of the topics we will discuss;

  • Virtual Banks in Hong Kong
  • What is future for digitized advice?
  • What’s next for digital in wealth?
  • Demystifying all the hype about AI and Blockchain
  • What digital trends are we seeing elsewhere?
  • Platforms and processes – whats the role of digital?
  • What is the client experience supposed to look like today?
  • Have we seen any examples of tangible success in digital wealth management?
  • How should banks decide what’s working? What KPIs should we use?

Are we still in the ‘digital lipstick’ phase – or are banks really looking to enhance their propositions with commitment and proper intent?

What’s the potential for non-banks and other start-ups to eat into existing market share of organisations built on a traditional business model supported by RMs and bricks and mortar wrapped around well-known brands that are perceived to be safe?

Catering to different needs and tastes is crucial to be able to provide something relevant and of value to clients. For those institutions in search of innovation and digitisation for their wealth management business, therefore, they need to carefully consider how they work ever-closer with (the right) fintechs as the former rely on the latter for something interesting and new to offer to clients to service their wealth management needs.