LexiFi provides software for the pricing, document generation and management of derivatives and structured products. Financial institutions and technology firms partner with LexiFi to boost their analytical and processing capabilities for tailored financial products.

Investment banks, asset managers and private banks compete on their ability to provide tailored financial solutions. The delivery of custom investment, financing and risk transfer solutions as well as upcoming financial regulations compels providers to: rapidly design new financial products; clearly communicate to clients all information and timely performance reports relative to the products (terms, conditions, risks, rewards, life-cycle events etc), while potentially managing large and complex portfolios.

LexiFi has developed two complementary offerings to serve the respective needs of end-users and application developers:

• LexiFi Apropos, a software platform for the pricing and management of derivatives and structured products; and

• Instrument Box, a technical component bringing together LexiFi’s core technologies and designed to be embedded in new or existing third-party applications.

LexiFi technologies radically simplify the development of applications for managing tailored financial products. Unlike other financial contract modeling approaches, LexiFi’s formal language supports both pricing and operational management.

LexiFi’s products are powered by an original formalism for describing financial contracts, the result of a long-term research and development effort that received both industry and academic awards.


Industry: Computer Software

Company size: 11-50 employees

Type: Privately Held

Founded 2000

Specialties: Structured products, Derivatives, Pricing, Financial modeling, Software, OTC derivatives, Tailored products, Software Solutions, Financial Solutions, Support of Business Processes, Automatization, Service Providers, Client Care, Management of financial products, Risk, Mathematical Finance, Economics, Compliance, Computer Science, Advanced technologies , Financial Software, Research & Development, Financial Contracts, Reporting, Document Generation, Database, Regulatory Compliance, Quantitative Analysis, Lifecycle, Programming Language, and OCaml