Rob Phillips
Computer Forensics & Electronic Discovery
RP Digital Security

Rob is the Asia-Pacific director of digital forensics, cyber and e-discovery. He has over 22 years of professional experience and provides expertise and support in areas such as cyber forensics and incident response, computer forensic investigations and e-discovery. Extensive MNC experience in London together with positions based in Singapore and Asia since 2001, Rob is an accomplished technical expert and computer forensic investigator with a significant Asia focus. Rob leads from the front, his team of cyber and computer forensic investigators, from the company’s forensic lab in Singapore which he built from the ground up in 2004. Enhancing the in-house technical capabilities, Rob and his team have also developed custom forensic tools to assist with challenges of encryption, constantly changing hardware and large volumes of email data. Case experience includes multi jurisdiction investigations throughout Asia and worldwide, cyber and breach response investigations and e-discovery cases for clients from a variety of industries including, law firms and legal service providers, large financial institutions, banking and insurance, aerospace, manufacturing, shipping, pharma and healthcare. Rob has also been instructed as an independent computer forensic expert by loss adjusters and insurers. In addition to cyber related work, Rob is experienced with fraud and white-collar crime investigations, regulatory investigations including FCPA, SEC and bribery act investigations. Assignments include the planning, preparation and execution of civil search and seizure orders (Anton Piller). With cases ranging geographically from Singapore and Hong Kong to Indonesia, Pakistan, Mongolia and Japan, and with over 16 years practice in the region, there are few countries in Asia where Rob has not worked.