Underpinning almost every sphere of activity is an increasingly tight regulatory environment in virtually every jurisdiction, as well as the growing tax and compliance cooperation between governments across the globe.

If you want to learn how you can make the most of this important opportunity – stay relevant as the needs of your clients evolve and get increasingly complex. Hopefully this event will help you.

Advancing the science and the art of family wealth and succession planning requires immense expertise from the Asian wealth management and advisory community, be they private bankers, asset managers, wealth planners, life insurers, lawyers, accountants, residence advisers and any of the other key players in this industry.

Key elements of the event;

  • Identify success stories and best practices with more than 350+ leading wealth management and professional services colleagues
  • A meaningful get-together with top Asia-based private banks Independent Asset Management Firms (IAM), External Asset Managers (EAM) and Multi-Family Offices (MFO)
  • Explore and foster industry collaboration with exciting and interactive panel discussions, focused presentations, workshops, head-to-head interviews, and more


Are the private bankers and other wealth management firms up to the task, or do they need to significantly refocus their businesses and substantially enhance their skills and expertise? How do they make money out of these developments, and how do they incentivise their bankers and advisers, who have hitherto been highly focused on product sales? This is not always an easy balancing act for the clients or for the wealth management professionals.

Trusts and trust structures are solutions that many advisers and lawyers promote, but to be effective, they must be professionally structured and managed by experts, and they must be at a distance from the originators. This places even greater emphasis on the credibility of the structures, the trustees, and of course of the jurisdictions in which these vehicles are housed. 

The role of the offshore financial centres in Asia – Singapore and Hong Kong – will, therefore, be scrutinised, as well as the importance of other International Financial Centres, including those in the Channels Islands, and more exotic locations such as the Caribbean. The role of life insurance structures is also a vital element in the way Asia’s HNWIs plan for the future, so how do these structures fit with the different jurisdictions and with their legacy planning?

There are so many topics to be discussed and so many ideas that will be raised, but our central premise is that key to the content of this and all our events is the delivery of in-depth market, structuring, product and other insights from genuine, established experts in the Asia region and from leading overseas markets. These experts will not only share their deep knowledge and experience with delegates, but they will highlight the best practices, the vital components of success, and lessons learned from many decades of developing and managing wealth management offerings.

Specifically discover;

  • The needs of wealthy Asian Families legacy and succession planning
  • How to have a conversation with clients around sensitive family issues
  • New tax developments in China and elsewhere
  • The potential role of insurance in the mix
  • What are the practical considerations for HNW clients in wealth protection and transfer?
  • How are these needs developing? And how can you help clients understand these needs?