We were delighted to host our 9th annual event in Singapore for the Wealth Management Community, where more than 450 CEOs, COOs, and other senior practitioners attended – from a mix of local and international Private Banks, Retail Banks, Insurance Companies, Independent Firms & Family Offices, Asset Management Companies, and IFAs.

Thanks to our sponsors: Axial Partners, Henley & Partners, Leonteq Securities, CFA Singapore, First Names Group, Global Precious Metals, Hawksford, Pershing, Saffron Robo, Finantix, Generali, Ingenia Consultants, Jersey Finance, Quantifeed, Sun Life Financial, 360F, CSOP Asset Management, Credit Suisse, EG Capital Advisors, International Planning Group, Mercer, Orbium, Rosemont, Simon-Kucher & Partners, Synpulse, UTI International

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You might also like to view the full Post-Event Report – which is a consolidated summary, including photos of speakers & delegates, the attendee profiles & some delegate feedback, polling results, and more.



Wealth in Asia – Opportunities and challenges

Regulatory tightening, technology and AI, evolv-ing client demands, compensation, competition from Fintech and Big Tech, the rise of family offices and ongoing professional learning. These are just some of the challenges for private banks and other wealth firms to overcome as they forge their new business models to suit the demands of the clients, and the marketplace of the future. Those who ignore the need for continual evolution and adaptation do so at their peril.



At the Forum we interviewed leading industry experts.
Full Video Highlights
Video Highlights Summary PDF
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Their individual interviews can be accessed below:

Su Shan Tan, DBS Bank
Pierre Masclet, Indosuez Wealth Management
Eng Huat Kong, EFG Bank
Jeremy Ng, Leonteq Securities
Vincent Magnenat, Lombard Odier
Jean-Louis Nakamura, Lombard Odier
Conrad Lim, LGT Bank
Lee Wong, Lombard Odier
Malik S. Sarwar, K2 Leaders, USA
Kimmis Pun, VP Bank
Hans Diederen
Keith Harrison, Abacare
Michael Kasumov, EG Capital Advisors
Bryan Goh, Bordier & Cie


EVENT CONTENT - Panel discussions

We held 5 interactive panel discussions throughout the day – which involved senior industry practitioners who we invited to participate and share their thoughts. We have also incorporated into the summaries below the briefing notes which speakers sent to us in advance of the event. Plus, we have included the results of audience polling as well as questions we received from delegates. Click on each headline to view the PDFs.


How Leading Private Banks and Wealth Managers are Building their WM 2.0 Models?
A panel of very senior wealth management experts opened the Hubbis Asian Wealth Management Forum in Singapore. Their mission was to highlight key challenges facing private banks and other wealth firms in Asia as they strive to achieve their WM 2.0 business models.

Panel Members
Malik Sarwar CEO, K2 Leaders
Su Shan Tan Group Head of Consumer Banking & Wealth Management, DBS Bank
Pierre Masclet Asia Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Branch Manager, Indosuez Wealth Management
Michael Blake CEO Private Banking Asia, UBP
Eng Huat Kong Senior Managing Director, Chief Executive - Singapore Branch, EFG Bank
Edmund Lin Partner & Director, Global Head of Financial Services, Bain & Company


Onshore or r offshore, or hybrid – which model is winning favour?
The rising share of global GDP from the Asia Pacific region is virtually assured, but somewhat less certain is the balance between onshore and offshore wealth management. Hubbis invited experts to share their views in the second panel of the Forum in Singapore.

Panel Members
Malik Sarwar CEO, K2 Leaders
Vincent Magnenat Chief Executive Officer of Asia, Lombard Odier
Alvin Lee Head of Group Wealth Management & Community Financial Services, Maybank
Michael Gerber Chief Executive Officer, 360F
Conrad Lim Managing Director and Deputy Chief Executive Officer, LGT Bank
Kimmis Pun Managing Director, ‎Head of Private Banking, VP Bank


The bright future for digital in Asian wealth management
Digital platforms are no longer an abstraction, they are essential to any wealth firm wanting to survive and prosper. As these platforms become ever more sophisticated and flexible, Fintech can also be incorporated, with multiple client benefits. A group of experts gathered to discuss the impact of digital platforms upon their businesses and the wealth management industry at large.

Panel Members
Mark Nelligan Chief Executive Officer, Singapore, Pershing
Anthony J. Harper Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Axial Partners
Steve Knabl Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner, Swiss-Asia Financial Services
Ross Milward Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder, Quantifeed


The art and science of wealth solutions
In the largest panel of the Forum, a group of seven experts deliberated on the key trends that are affecting and that will likely influence the wealth management industry. The focus of course was on Asia, but the touchstone was the global wealth market.

Panel Members

Lee Wong Head of Family Services, Asia, Lombard Odier
Keith Harrison Chief Executive Officer, Abacare
Zac Lucas Founder, Centenal
Karen O'Hanlon Managing Director, First Names Group
An Kelles Business Development Director, Greater China, Jersey Finance
David Varley Chief High Net Worth Officer, Sun Life Hong Kong, Sun Life Financial
Peter Tsih Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific & EMEA, International Planning Group


The Gatekeepers: Adapting wealth management strategies to a new era
The fifth panel of the Forum was designed to cover a wide variety of ideas and theories about the different approaches to wealth management and portfolio positioning as the industry faces some existential challenges and as the financial markets transition to a more volatile end-of-cycle phase.

Panel Members
Malik Sarwar CEO, K2 Leaders
Bryan Goh Chief Investment Officer. Bordier & Cie
Jean-Louis Nakamura Chief Investment Officer, Asia Pacific - Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong, Lombard Odier
Rohit Jaisingh Head, Equity Investment Products, DBS Bank
Tuck Meng Yee Partner, JRT Partners
Marc Van de Walle Global Head of Products, Bank of Singapore
Chee Loong Chong Wealth Business Leader, Singapore, Mercer


Creating and selecting products most relevant for today’s markets and outlook
In the final panel of a highly productive day, an eclectic group of experts assembled to cogitate on the state of the mainstream – and alternative – asset markets and to promote ideas for Asian HNW clients seeking to optimise their investment portfolios.

Panel Members
Robert Hordon Senior Fund Manager, J O Hambro Capital Management
Tony Wong Head of Intermediary Sales, CSOP Asset Management
Dimitry Griko Chief Investment Officer – Fixed Income, EG Capital Advisors
Praveen Jagwani Chief Executive Officer, UTI International
Adrian Chee Managing Director, Head of Portfolio Management and Credit, Asia, Credit Suisse Asset Management
Heena Mayani Business Development Manager, Global Precious Metals


EVENT CONTENT - Presentations & Workshops

Below are summaries of the Presentations and Wealth TALKS delivered at the event. These were 10-minute slots hosted either by senior industry practitioners who we invited to speak (Wealth TALKS), or by some of our event partners (Presentations). Also listed with each summary are links to the presentation slides (where these are made available by speakers). Click on each headline to view.

Residence and Citizenship Planning for Asian Families - an Overview
Daphne Chandra, Manager and Client Advisor in the Singapore office of Henley & Partners, explained some preferred overseas residence and citizenship options for Asian HNWIs.
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The art of structuring the most overlooked assets
Karen O’Hanlon, Managing Director of First Names Group in Singapore, predicts a boom in Asia for alternative assets such as art, fine wines, cars, yachts or other collectibles and luxury goods. And, all of these assets need to be carefully administered.


Wealth Management in Asia: Rapid Growth amidst Regulatory Proliferation
Irene Lee, Head of Business Development, Intermediary and Partnership at Hawksford Singapore, shared some of her deep insights into wealth management trends in Asia, as the market faces the challenges of tightening tax regulations and intensifying global and local oversight.

Residence and Citizenship Planning for Asian Families - An Update
Nirbhay Handa, Manager at Henley & Partners, spoke at the Hubbis Asian Wealth Management Forum her message was that anyone in Asia considering alternative residence or citizenship needs the best professional advice.
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Managed accounts and Asia: Right product and right time for Asia’s HNWIs
Managed accounts are growing in stature in Asia’s wealth management industry. Owned by individuals, managed by a professional entity, they are now worth USD5 trillion in the US alone. Anthony J. Harper, CEO & Co-Founder of Axial Partners presented a Workshop on what is one of the fastest growing segments of the wealth market.

Structured Products: Bespoke Solutions Tailored to Clients’ Perspectives
Structured products can help HNW investors protect capital and participate in the upside potential of assets or markets. Erick Wattlebed, Head of Structuring Asia at Leonteq Securities and his executive director colleague Xavier Burkhardt,Leonteq Securities presented a Workshop to highlight their appeal and debunk some misconceptions. Leonteq’s CEO in Singapore and head of Asian sales, Jeremy Ng, also made a presentation reviewing several structured investment solutions tailored for different markets outlooks.

Regulation, compliance and the wealth management industry in Asia
Gez Owen, Managing Director & General Counsel at Hubbis, had more than 22 of experience as a lawyer in the UK dealing with white collar crime. He has concerns that the wealth industry in Asia needs to upgrade its understanding of new global regulation and compliance demands.
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“Hubbis panels balance diverse, and sometimes cutting-edge and controversial points of view across the financial industry.”
Tariq Dennison CFP, Investment Advisor, Retirement Portfolios,

"I was impressed with the overwhelming response from the participants who joined this event. I will continue to join the Hubbis events as long as I am in the banking industry."
"Hubbis brought Asian Wealth Management to Singapore as a one stop hub"
"I enjoyed the atmosphere of casualness throughout discussions between panel members. The fact that the moderator knows all of the panels well, made it even more enjoyable."
Anonymous feedback from the event attendees