We are delighted to host our 10th annual event for the private wealth management community in Singapore.

We have refreshed the format for the event – and we think it’s particularly relevant at a time of so much change and opportunity for the industry.

We have designed the forum – along with the presentations, workshops, case studies and panel discussions – to bring together key market participants to discuss and debate the current positioning, role, opportunities, challenges and outlook for wealth management in Asia.

5 highly relevant panel discussions;

  • Private wealth management - a time of dramatic change
  • Delivering investment products and advice to clients – time to re-think everything?
  • Are you ready for the intergenerational wealth transfer?
  • Getting Asset allocation right and finding value
  • Interesting and relevant Investment Solutions for 2H 2019


With a growing number of local and overseas participants in what is a rapidly-shifting Asian wealth management space, differentiation in strategies and value propositions is key to deliver what clients want.

The concept of needs-based conversations with the right clients, backed up by real advice and relevant, contextual information delivered in a blended way between digital and human touch-points, is critical. Yet with the next generation increasingly important – both in size and influence – there is a pressing need to find the right solutions.

The event is attended by CEOs, senior management, product gatekeepers and business unit heads across technology, compliance, operations, risk and advisory – from the leading international and local Private Banks, Retail Banks, IFAs, Family Offices, Insurance Companies, and other Independent Wealth Management Firms.

The value of a differentiated approach in the form of genuinely independent advice is certainly becoming clearer – both to clients as well as private bankers.

Can wealth mangers raise their game and address the ongoing challenges they face in scaling their businesses? These include: more clearly defining business models; finding more clients; creating more clarity over fee models; attracting more competent and experienced private bankers; driving revenue in challenging and choppy markets; and keeping costs under control

Topics we will discuss;

Specific questions we will cover include;

  • How must you refine and redefine your value proposition today?
  • How can you differentiate yourself today as an individual and organisation?
  • How do you reconcile the suitability of investment products you sell to your clients with profitability?
  • Do you think the internal processes of wealth managers and private banks in Asia enables them to move with the times?
  • What's your best and worst possible scenario for this industry in the next three years?
  • What are the main opportunities that will continue to drive growth in private wealth management in Singapore?
  • What are the challenges that will prevent growth in private wealth management in Singapore?
  • In comparison to ten years ago; What has changed in private wealth management in Singapore? What has not changed?
  • Status Quo; to what extent has the value proposition got to change in the next ten years? And what competitive threats should we be concerned about?


Focussed discussions on these issues -

  • The diverse needs of wealthy Asian Families as they consider and then execute legacy and succession planning are fraught with many emotional, family-specific and also technical considerations. We will debate the whys and wherefores and how insurance solutions can play their part. Moreover, Asia's wealthy are increasingly global in their spread of businesses, property, investible assets, lifestyles and family members, all bringing more complexity and potential pitfalls to the process.
  • What are the specific needs of Asian clients?  How to make the most of the significant growth of new wealth in China - which requires more sophisticated investment strategies - as well as more independent advice from professional wealth managers.
  • How can we make the most of the rising affluent population in Asia - especially the emerging younger generation of entrepreneurs?
  • How is Singapore positioning itself as a wealth management hub serving Asian countries?
  • Innovation, digitalization & personalization of the offering.
  • Limitations of working with one platform, limited suite of products and limited engagement points with the clients who have increasing complexity of requirements.
  • Consolidation in the Private Banking Industry paving way for increase in growth of Independent Asset Managers.
  • Opportunities to invest in private markets. As more and more IPOs are shelved, banks retrench from lending freely and private debt funds take their share of the pie, will we see the private side of investment, advice and structuring to continue to grow.
  • Family offices: As Singapore positioning itself as a FO hub? FOs are likely to become an important component of UHNW business growth in Singapore. Key drivers.
  • As Private Banks expand, Will they alienate the senior bankers and top clients? As regulators crack down, large banks will continue to overcompensate allowing the smaller players more room to operate. Wealth boutiques can also take advantage of new fintech platform opportunities.
  • Will a lack of real talent and experienced wealth management practitioners and an overly regulated industry environment drive AUM to other regional booking centers?