Full Agenda

Welcome Address
Michael Stanhope
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Women and Wealth – Why it matters and what can private banks do?
Hanna Raftell
  • Why focus on women’s wealth?
  • Are women investors any different from their male counterpart?
  • Why upskilling and retraining are necessary and why focus on soft skills?
Panel discussion
The What and How of differentiated WM 2.0
  • Has anything really changed in this industry over the last ten years?
  • Has the WM industry truly become client centric or are wealth managers still just sales focused?
  • How have you changed your business model to be client centric? How has frontline comp changed to align to client interests?
  • What tangible digital progress has been made and what's your client feedback?
  • What is the biggest scope of disruption? Who will benefit most: big banks, FinTech’s or BigTechs?
  • What next: AI, big data and its impact?
  • Impact of key business mega-trends of passive investments, fees, transparency, regulations; How are you adapting to grow?
  • Opportunities of key market mega-trends of millennial, baby boomers, women empowerment, ESG, SRI. How are you capitalising on these?
Kees Stoute
Chief Executive Officer, North Asia
EFG Bank
Alan Luk
Head of Private Banking & Trust Services
Hang Seng Private Banking
Vincent Chui
Chief Executive, Morgan Stanley Asia International
Morgan Stanley
Simon Lints
Chief Executive Officer, Singapore
Schroders Wealth Management
Sung June Hwang
Managing Director, Head of APAC Products & Solutions
Credit Suisse Private Banking
Michael Benz
Senior Advisor
Peter Stein
Managing Director
Private Wealth Management Association
Residence and citizenship planning for Asian families - an overview
Jennifer Lai
Managing Partner, Head of North Asia
Henley & Partners
  • Why do families relocate?
  • What should clients consider when carrying out residence and citizenship planning?
  • Current developments in residence and citizenship programs
Tech Stocks: boom or bubble?
Andy Budden
Investment Director
Capital Group
  • Market volatility is back – but where’s all the volatility in tech stocks?
  • Fundamentals matter: Facts to know about tech and why this boom is no dot-com bubble
  • More than tech: The companies of knowledge economy have become global leaders
Panel discussion
What’s the role that Hong Kong will play in the future access to China’s wealth?
  • Is the outflow of capital from HNWI in China slowing down?
  • What types of investment are Mainland HNWI interested in?
  • Doesn’t Stock Connect and the forthcoming ETF Connect mean less opportunity for advisers?
  • Whats the opportunity for Hong Kong-based banks to make the most of the growing Chinese wealth? onshore and offshore?
  • Can Hong Kong banks compete with Chinese players? Do they need to?
  • How are the different business models evolving in the onshore wealth management market?
  • What are the services that a Chinese private bank offers? As client’s demand diversification -  How are they growing their platform in Hong Kong?
  • What can the global banking industry learn from Chinese financial services digital innovation?
  • What do clients want from their off-shore private banking partners? Can private banks and wealth managers successfully or compliantly deal with wealthy Chinese clients?
  • Do Chinese clients have unique expectations around technology, products and service?
  • Do Chinese clients really care more about services like family office set-up, insurance, citizenship and education? Are there any real family offices in China? What do they do? What are their needs?
Jonathan Larsen
Chief Innovation Officer, Ping An Group Chairman and CEO , Ping An Global Voyager Fund
Ping An Group
Kevin Huang
Deputy Head of Global Private Banking
China Merchants Private Bank
Jennifer Zeng
Partner, Head of Financial Service, Greater China
Bain & Company
Janet Li
Asia Wealth Business Leader
Monica Lee
Partner / President
Triumph Capital International
Stewart Aldcroft
How regulation is transforming ETF trading across regions
Antoine de Saint Vaulry
Director, Head of ETF & Flow Trading, Asia Pacific
  • ETFs : up, up and away !
  • Changing regulations for banks and distributors favours the ETF market
  • Different pictures across the globe
Refreshment & Networking
Asia ex Japan – From emerging to leading
Ben Sheehan
Senior Product Specialist, Asian Equities
HSBC Global Asset Management
  • China – building a firmer foundation for sustainable growth
  • A strong earnings recovery and reasonable valuations bode well for a continued re-rating of Asia
  • Dividends remain a key driver of long-term total shareholder returns in Asia
  • Our key investment themes for 2018
Challenges arising from the UK Criminal Finances Act 2017
Gez Owen
General Counsel and Head of Content
  • The new Corporate Offences of Tax Evasion
  • The Statutory Defence of ‘Reasonable Procedures’
  • Unexplained Wealth Orders
Emergence of Asian Family Offices: the convergence of East and West Models
Philippe Legrand
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
LCA Solutions

From East to West:

  • The basic issues of clients
  • The differences of what they want to focus on
  • How they each approach the changing external landscape and the concept of paying for advice
  • The Focus in the East that needs to change
  • A few action points for Asian Family Offices that are already well established in the West
Exploring Significant Yield Opportunities in CoCos
Kylie Chan
Head of Sales, North Asia
Merian Global Investors
  • Contingent Convertible Bonds (CoCos) - An established asset class offering an unique combination of high yields, high quality, low volatility, diversification and ample liquidity with issuance due to regulation and appetite constantly expanding
  • Is this a good asset class for gaining yield under a low interest environment?
Panel discussion
The Art and Science of Wealth Solutions
  • What are the trends we are seeing in wealth solutions globally?
  • The challenges for family succession
  • What are the specific challenges that wealthy Chinese families face?
  • How is the concept of wealth solutions developing in China?
  • How can RMs have a proactive, sensible and sensitive conversation around wealth solutions with clients?
  • What’s the role of insurance?
  • How will clients diversify their assets?
  • How will clients approach their legacy planning?
  • How can you participate in the increasing offshoring of Chinese wealth?
  • How can local and offshore firms collaborate?
  • Are confidentiality and asset protection the main reasons clients use a trust?
John Wong
Partner, China and Hong Kong, Private Client Services Leader Tax Services
Kevin Lee
Zhong Lun Law Firm
Michael Olesnicky
Partner, Special Advisor
Howard Bilton
The Sovereign Group
David Varley
Chief High Net Worth Officer, Hong Kong
Sun Life Financial
Patricia Woo
Squire Patton Boggs
Room A – Workshop
Active vs passive or investing beyond this opposition. Dynamic reallocation thanks to ETFs and Structured Products
  • The score at half-time
  • A closer relationship than apparent
  • A landscape blurred by innovation
Antoine de Saint Vaulry
Director, Head of ETF & Flow Trading, Asia Pacific
Franck Fayard
Director, Head of Product Engineering, Asia
Room B – Workshop
Leading Residence and Citizenship-By-Investment programmes
  • Overview of Immigration programmes
  • European Citizenship-by-Investment in Malta and Cyprus
  • EB-5 is not the last solution to the US
  • Thailand Elite – The exclusive residence programmes in Asia
Jennifer Lai
Managing Partner, Head of North Asia
Henley & Partners
Room A – Workshop
The world is still open for business

The face of global business is rapidly changing and investors are often confronted with decisions that require sophisticated analysis. Moreover, in an environment characterised by healthy underlying growth but relatively high valuations, it is important to stay proactive and prudent, while not forgetting downside protection.

  • Global companies are scouring the world for customers – where a company does business can be more important than where it’s located
  • Technology has been a game changer and idea-driven companies are taking the lead
  • Protecting on the downside has become ever more important – how can we improve resilience of portfolios?
Andy Budden
Investment Director
Capital Group
Room B – Workshop
Exploring Significant Yield Opportunities in CoCos

Contingent Convertible Bonds (CoCos) - An established asset class offering an unique combination of high yields, high quality, low volatility, diversification and ample liquidity with issuance due to regulation and appetite constantly expanding. Is this a good asset class for gaining yield under a low interest environment?

The strategy will focus on investing primarily in bonds issued by such institutions that are at the lower end of their capital structure and in particular on contingent capital bonds — also known as contingent convertible bonds (‘CoCos’).

Key characteristics of the strategy includes:

  • High income with low volatility potential
  • Structured and repeatable investment process
  • The most liquid part of credit markets
  • Diversification across breadth of highly rated financials
  • Diversified income source, low correlation
  • Regulator-friendly asset class, a growing market
Kylie Chan
Head of Sales, North Asia
Merian Global Investors
Refreshment & Networking
Panel discussion
Product Gatekeepers; Are we really focused on helping our clients create long-term value?
  • What are the main investment themes and the products that will be most relevant in 2018 - Top risks and how to alleviate them? Mega-trends and how to capitalise on them?
  • Active vs passive: friends or foes?
  • Socially responsible and impact investing: it seems to be a growing concern for clients, are wealth managers giving it the attention it deserves?
  • How would you explain your investment process and philosophy - and to what extent is it mandatory that your advisors follow it?
  • Discretionary vs advisory vs execution: how can clients benefit?
  • Most Private Banks in 2017 gravitated to using the same big funds. Is it now time to pay more attention to Boutique / Specialist managers? Is it possible to do so when you need scale?
  • Selling global income funds and leveraging them 4 times – is this still appropriate?
  • MiFID II – to what extent will it force Private Banks in Asia to restructure their investment engine and operate in a more transparent way?
  • What's the extent that DIGITAL platforms help create long-term value for clients?
Tariq Dennison
Wealth Manager, US-Asia
GFM Asset Management
Jaye Chiu
Senior Managing Director, Head of Investment
EFG Bank
Guy Uding
Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder
Axial Partners
Adam Cowperthwaite
Managing Director, Head of Capital Markets – Asia Pacific
Citi Private Bank
Frank Henze
Practice Lead - Financial Services IT
Trimantium GrowthOps
Aman Dhingra
Managing Director, Head of Advisory - Singapore
Nick Pollard
Managing Director, Asia Pacific
CFA Institute
Panel discussion
Product Manufacturers; What products do you have that you feel would be most valuable to HNW / UHNW clients in 2018?
  • Nearly everyone had a good year in 2017 – what are your best and worst predications for this year?
  • What funds / investment products have you got that are specifically relevant to China-based private banks and wealth managers? What are your plans for growing this opportunity?
  • What’s your view on technology, margin pressure and regulatory reform?
  • Multi asset, Income generation and liquid alternatives – what will be the main themes for 2018?
  • What strategies will enable Chinese / Asian investors get higher returns, whilst been mindful of potential market challenges in 2018?
  • Global equity markets have seen a strong run. Does it still have legs? Or are we reaching a terminal stage? Where do you now turn to drive long-term returns for a portfolio?
  • What alternative investments are there for HNW and UHNW clients and why are they relevant?
  • What's the increasing role of Physical Gold?
Michael Levin
Head of Asset Management, Asia Pacific
Credit Suisse Asset Management
Lincoln Chow
Director, Head of Sales, Hong Kong & Singapore, Financial Institutions Marketing
Nicolas Mathier
Managing Partner
Global Precious Metals
Tony Wong
Head of Intermediary Sales
CSOP Asset Management
Ashok Kothari
Horizon Partners
Sebastien Brown
Investment Specialist
BNY Mellon
Closing remarks
Malik S. Sarwar
K2 Leaders
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