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Helping the wealthy through residence and citizenship planning

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Jennifer Lai of Henley & Partners explains how the firm is taking a needs-based approach to assisting wealthy families with their citizenship and residence planning requirements.

Henley & Partners has become a global leader in citizenship and residence planning. With over 20 years of experience, more than 25 offices and around 250 staff, it provides two main services: private client advisory services and the government advisory services. 

The firm’s value proposition lies in the fact that it provides a seamless service. “When a private client comes to us, we listen to what they need and what are they trying to achieve. It is only after this that we provide them with the choices and assist with the implementation of those choices,” explains Jennifer Lai, managing partner and head of North Asia at Henley & Partners.

Client needs

In today’s ever-transparent world, more and more wealthy individuals and families are focused on succession and tax planning. As a result, they need to understand their options, the implications of these and also any tax liabilities. 

Lai also believes that mobility is an important factor for clients when considering the various choices they have – especially for those people who want to enjoy the benefits of travel using the freedom of movement, for example the right to reside in 27 different European countries. 

The focus at Henley & Partners, she explains, is not to push a particular programme, but rather try to meet what clients’ need. “If education is the goal, we assess the situation to best advise them. If getting a student is the best option, we advise them to get that, rather than pushing one of our programmes,” she adds.

For HNW and UHNW clients, long-term physical residence requirements are difficult to fulfil. Some countries offer citizenship and residency for relatively short periods of time, such as three to six months. 

For example, if they choose Cyprus or Malta, they can get easy access to 27 EU countries and free travel to 150 global countries. 

Jennifer Lai

Managing Partner, Head of North Asia at Henley & Partners