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Evolving and enhancing the Edelweiss wealth proposition

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Anshu Kapoor, Head of Private Wealth Management at Edelweiss Global Wealth Management explains how the organisation is enhancing its wealth proposition.

Reflecting on the achievements of Edelweiss Global Wealth Management, Kapoor says they have been able to build the financial and qualitative foundation for a successful wealth management business over the relatively brief period of a few years. Assets under advice have doubled, and employee engagement scores are up from seventy percent to eighty-three percent. The median score for great places to work is at seventy-seven percent, and the client satisfaction scores are up from seventy-eight percent to ninety-two percent.

Kapoor says that alignment to client interest, nurturing high quality talent and expert advice defines the organisation. Looking forward, the company’s priorities are to prepare to scale up for the next level of growth in India, improving leadership and building the digital backbone.

Kapoor believes technology will play an increasingly important role in the company’s growth. As a result, they are investing heavily in building their digital foundation to improve efficiency and client experience. Edelweiss is working with IBM to develop “FA Workstation” that will include a customer relationship management toolset, financial advisory tools and client reporting platform.

The cornerstone of Edelweiss's hiring strategy is “where you wish to be” instead of “where you’ve been” so the company is looking for ambitious, passionate and client-oriented individuals to build a diverse team of professionals.

Anshu Kapoor

Head of Private Wealth Management at Edelweiss Private Wealth Management