An efficient and effective platform for accessing physical gold

Martin Huxley


Martin Huxley, Head of Precious Metals, Asia at INTL FCStone discusses the services offered by the firm with emphasis on their newly launched physical gold trading platform.

INTL FCStone provides diversified financial services from commodities trading and risk management, forex, securities, clearing and execution services to global payments. Huxley notes they offer a full range of services catering to all gold market participants, whether that involves dealing with the refineries, bullion banks, other wholesalers, traders or jewellers.

Apart from supporting trading in physical commodities and metals, risk management and hedging also form an important service provided by INTL FCStone. With the help PMXecute+, their electronic platform, price risk involved in precious metal trading can be completely eradicated. The hallmark of the system is the flexible pricing options for the client. A trader who is pulled into the market to buy at an attractive price can fix the price upfront and take delivery later while a jeweller may want to take the delivery immediately but not fix the price until he is able to sell his end product to the end consumer.

In Asia, Huxley mentions that they are targeting almost all market players to use their platform be it the refiners and bullion banks on the sell side or the traders, wealth managers, jewellers on the buy side. The platform brings total transparency into gold pricing by providing all possible supplier options. Looking forward, Huxley states that “we’re just going to do more of what we have been doing over the last few years”, hinting at the growth aspirations of the firm in Asia.

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