United Nations may get involved in the ongoing public registers saga

  • Jul 12, 2018

The Decision March Committee has said it is considering to engage world leaders in the United Nations about the ongoing public registers saga. Committee member Bishop John Cline told BVI News they will stop at nothing in the fight for justice for the BVI and other Overseas Territories. He said the committee will continue to put pressure on the United Kingdom to abandon its 2020 public registers mandate.

The public register policy is an amendment to the UK’s Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act, which is forcing the BVI and other Overseas Territories to publicise the names of ‘secret’ owners of offshore companies registered in those jurisdictions.

“We will explore taking on our case to the United Nations to ensure that we have proper representation on the international scene, and so that the world will know that the UK is not behaving in ways that are fair and just to its Overseas Territories,” Cline said



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