Driving the development of an investment mind-set in Vietnam

The country’s asset management industry is dependent on investor education around concepts such as asset allocation and risk – and also on access to products and tools to implement them – if it has any chance of evolving and maturing. Only then will there be the right framework for mutual funds onshore.

How banks can prepare for the wealth evolution in Vietnam

Taking a long-term approach will result in a successful business for financial institutions looking to tap the country’s wealth management potential – from developing the right culture among staff to building product capabilities and the advisory model.

Laying the foundations for wealth management in Vietnam

If banks and other financial institutions in the country start to take wealth management more seriously – plus work with regulators to develop the capability, capacity and infrastructure required – a more meaningful role for the industry looks likely over the coming decade.

WEALTH TALK SUMMARY - Deepening the Vietnam market through IPOs

Speaking at Hubbis’ Vietnam Wealth Management Forum 2017 – Bill Stoops of Dragon Capital explains why the capital markets look to be an effective way to increase liquidity and diversity in the country.

WEALTH TALK SUMMARY - A customer-led approach to wealth management

Speaking at Hubbis' Vietnam Wealth Management Forum 2017 – Sandeep Deobhakta of VPBank explains the importance to all banks of knowing customers’ needs, an also training their staff and giving them the right tools to meet them.

WEALTH TALK SUMMARY - Driving diversity in Vietnam via mutual funds

Speaking at Hubbis’ Vietnam Wealth Management Forum 2017 – Thai Thuan Nguyen of VinaCapital looks at the stage of development of the fledgling mutual funds space in the country, and the role of funds in investor portfolios.

PRESENTATION SUMMARY - Opening global routes for wealthy Vietnamese

Speaking at Hubbis' Vietnam Wealth Management Forum 2017 – Sylvie Ma of Henley & Partners explains why people can benefit from residence and alternative citizenship, and how to assist these clients.

Creating a more meaningful wealth management market in Vietnam

In a country moving quickly towards a market-based economy with rising per capita income and per capita GDP – accessing the young and growing population of 95 million-plus offers huge potential for banks, insurers, asset managers and other financial firms looking to offer wealth management products and services.