We are delighted to host our 6th annual event for the wealth management community in Thailand.

The potential for open architecture platforms to evolve and facilitate a more holistic wealth management offering has become very real, and gathering further momentum in Thailand.

Clients are starting to look at new products to diversify portfolios. They are moving from a risk-averse mind-set where they focus on savings via deposits, money market funds and fixed income – towards equities, mutual funds and some alternatives.

More broadly, with wealth growing in Thailand, the opportunity for banks and other advisory firms to penetrate mass affluent and HNW clients with a wider array of investment products, insurance solutions and other services is more of a reality than ever before.

Ultimately, clients are starting to want more choice. This is coupled with a more conducive and supportive regulatory environment in the country, offering the traditionally risk-averse investors greater scope to invest more of their wealth offshore.

However, the logistics to make this happen and really take root will take longer. There is still much to be done in the Thai wealth management industry to raise advisory capabilities, the quality of the product offerings and consistency in standards. There is also a pressing need to enhance systems, training and processes.

More specifically, although local banks continue to have a lot of influence in terms of distribution, as they move from captive to open architecture, they will need to find innovative ways to develop more of the capabilities themselves.

We have designed the agenda to look at where the market is at today, the opportunities and challenges it faces, and where it needs to go to move to the next level.

Key also to the content is providing insights from experts in overseas market. They will share best practices, the components of successful businesses, and lessons learned from developing and managing wealth management offerings – as well as regulation – elsewhere in Asia.

The win-win, it seems, will come when advisers offer needs-based selling via open architecture platforms, and when investors become less risk-averse in their mission to build and protect wealth.

Part of this also relates to developing digital tools and driving a more relevant customer engagement; this is a growing focus for many banks. It is also critical as they look to make themselves more relevant for the millennials, plus to create a more long-lasting impression on clients today.

Anyone interested in speaking at this event, or partnering with us, should email [email protected]