We are delighted to host our 3rd annual event for the wealth management industry in the Middle East.

These are some of the questions we will explore at the forum –

  • How does the UAE become a robust centre for wealth management?
  • How is the regulatory framework developing - what are the challenges and opportunities?
  • How do we become more relevant to clients as they seek more advice, and get smarter and more demanding?
  • Digital – What does it mean to you? Where do we really need to focus our efforts?
  • How are clients looking to diversify?
  • How do we segment and serve the next generation?
  • Where do we recruit new talent from? And how do we keep it?
  • How do we bring in new customers? Where is wealth being created?


There is clearly a lot of potential for this market to develop and flourish – assuming it can overcome various challenges. A big focus must be delivering the right advice from people capable and competent to do so.

It should be about more of a needs-based conversation to ensure more balanced portfolios. From diversification to wealth structuring to client education to higher standards of professionalism, therefore, organisations need to position their businesses in line with the opportunities that exist.

Further, there is a lot more to be done within local financial institutions to position their wealth management offerings as more strategic within the wider group. This includes investing sufficiently in the technology, platforms and overall infrastructure.

The agenda is designed to include presentations, panel discussions, case studies and workshops – to look at where the market is today, the opportunities and challenges it faces, and where it needs to go to move to the next level.

We hope you will join this must-attend fixture in the region’s calendar for those individuals and organisations serious about developing their wealth management offerings.



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