Why are we hosting this event?

We were delighted to host in Dubai our 2nd annual event for the local wealth management industry in the Middle East.

Who attended?

Over 200 wealth management CEOs, COOs, other senior management, product gatekeepers and investment specialists, as well as business heads across technology, compliance, operations, advisory and sales. – from organisations including Retail Banks, Private Banks, IFAs, Family Offices, Insurance Companies, and other Independent Wealth Management Firms.

What was covered?

We focused on the following themes – 

  • The Middle East is full of potential for wealth management – where are the biggest opportunities for you?
  • How do you make sense of multiple regulators with many conflicting values and objectives?
  • How can you develop your advisory proposition and the quality of the client engagement?
  •  What's the way forward for how product manufactures and fund selectors should partner with each other going forward?
  • Will we see robo-advisers and fintechs transform the industry?
  • How far do platforms and propositions need to evolve and digitise?
  • Evolving the IFA proposition – what’s the real potential in the Middle East?
  • How will IFAs thrvive in a new, transparent world – and one with no commissions?
  • How can insurance companies in wealth management in the Middle East?
  • Are you making the most of the family wealth opportunity?
  • What is the right approach to winning business from the next generation?
  • What should your clients do with their money?
  • How is the Middle East reacting to and participating in the financial services market globally?
  • How do clients think today? And how do you manage their expectations?



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