We are delighted to host our new format, investment-focused event.

Following on from the best year for banks and other wealth managers for a long time, it’s probably fair to say the next 12-months will be more challenging. How should we position client portfolios and expectations in preparation for what lies ahead? And how will you help clients shift mindset, investing style and portfolio holdings as the market transitions to a more volatile end-of-cycle phase?

Yet the industry should not rest on its laurels and still has some way to go in terms of the development of products and platforms, as well as adviser and client understanding and education.

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There are 5 panel discussions covering the following themes

  • Reengineering the platform
  • Discretionary Portfolio Management and Advice
  • Engaging the client. Selecting the best products. Getting better outcomes
  • Capital Markets & Structured Products – what can we expect in 2H 2018?
  • Investment ideas to discuss with clients today


We have therefore created an agenda including some of the most influential product and fund gatekeepers in the Asian wealth management community - to focus on the increasing need for product manufacturers and distributors to get clients to use a broader range of investments which are more suitable and relevant to their needs today.

This is being delivered via focused presentations, Wealth TALKs from key individuals across Asia, and 5 interactive panel discussions.  The agenda also includes several in-depth, interactive workshops.

Designed to cover issues relevant to product specialists as well as relationship (RMs) and other client-facing staff – depending on which segment of the day you are joining us for.

Diversification and risk management are critical - as is the need to convert what tend to be complicated products and themes into outcome-focused solutions, on the back of needs-based conversations.

There will be a segment focussed on Structured Products. And it’s a timely gathering of practitioners – given renewed interest of Asian investors in structured products over recent years. On the one hand, it covers the business of structured products – including trends relating to product development, the distribution mechanism and automation of product delivery.

In addition, with RMs and advisers increasingly aware of the need to better understand the products they are selling, other sections of the agenda address this, along with how to have the right types of conversations with clients.

As an industry-led initiative – this is also a great opportunity to get a large number of RMs and advisers together to discuss the evolution of the structured products space.

These are some of the topics we will cover;

  • What’s the meaning of the word ‘advice’ today?
  • How to deliver long-term value and investment performance
  • Understanding how to construct robust investment portfolios in today’s environment
  • Driving long-term conversations with clients
  • How to have needs-based conversations with clients and present the best solutions to them
  • Identifying success stories and best practices
  • Exploring how we add value to clients and manage expectations
  • How would you explain your investment process and philosophy?
  • Impact of key business mega-trends of passive investments, fees, transparency, regulations; How are you adapting to grow?
  • What’s the outlook for structured products in 2018?
  • You had a great year in 2017. What’s your revenue replacement strategy for the next two years? Is there a likelihood you will see outflows this year?
  • How important is credit risk today?
  • How is the move to advisory and discretionary coming along?
  • Given more challenging market conditions – is advice more important than ever? Will clients pay for it?
  • Opportunities of key market mega-trends of millennial, baby boomers, women empowerment, ESG, SRI. How are you capitalising on these?