In the new transparent world – it is vitally important for wealthy Asian families to constantly check their ‘financial’ health

Butterfield Singapore’s Asia Regional Head Brian Balleine talks to Hubbis about the Bermuda-based Group’s trust company’s expansion into Asia. He also shares why transparency has created a great opportunity for professional services firms. With dramatic tax and reporting changes, it is now vitally important to obtain professional advice on a regular basis, to ensure any financial structures set up are still fit for their original purposes.

Vietnamese equities: From vulnerability to opportunity

Vietnamese equities outperformed most other Asian and global stock markets in 2017 only to change that order and become one of the worse performing markets in 2018 year-to-date.

Nothing contingent about CoCos as returns add fuel to wealth portfolios

Lloyd Harris, co-fund manager for the Old Mutual Financials Contingent Capital Fund, which launched in August 2017, has recently been touring Asia to highlight its attractions. His message was that for Asia’s wealth advisers and their Asian high net worth clients, these are safe, high yielding, liquid investments.

Setting up your independent firm in Singapore

Justin Kendrick, Co-Founder and Head of Investment Solutions, Ingenia, talks about what it takes to set up shop as a wealth manager in Singapore and how a consulting firm like theirs can help the founders tremendously in the starting out process.

Getting the investment process right

Justin Kendrick, Co-Founder and Head of Investment Solutions, Ingenia, talks about the challenges faced by independent asset managers and how can they overcome those challenges.

Private banking in Asia – time for a behavioural paradigm shift?

Hubbis recently conducted a survey in which selected private bankers and wealth managers opined on how they might respond to a new era of volatility and difficult investment markets. For most of the past decade, it has been easy to sell investment products, because a rising liquidity tide was lifting virtually all assets. Leverage was a similarly easy sell that has helped rocket fuel investment returns on fixed income as well as the revenue streams of the providers. But, with market conditions far less certain and volatility creeping upwards, is now the time for a paradigm shift?

Emerging market high yield bonds - a market in the making

Hubbis and EG Capital Advisors invited experts from the wealth management community to private thought leadership discussions in Singapore and Hong Kong this May to discuss fixed income, especially emerging market high yield opportunities for wealth clients across the Asia Pacific region.

Decoding growth: What next for asset management in Asia?

Michael Levin, Head of Credit Suisse Asset Management (CSAM) in Asia Pacific, talks to Hubbis about the evolution of asset management in Asia going into 2018, the thorny question of fees, the rise of the region’s next generation of investors, and the tech opportunity.

In Focus: JOHCM US Small Mid Cap Equity Fund

Vince Rivers, Portfolio Manager at J O Hambro Capital Management (JOHCM) tells Hubbis why investors should take to the JOHCM US Small Mid Cap Equity Fund.

Opportunities in the Donald Trump world

Vince Rivers, Portfolio Manager at J O Hambro Capital Management (JOHCM) tells Hubbis why a Donald Trump world is creating small and mid-cap opportunities in the US market.

JOHCM US Small Mid Cap Equity Fund: A fund targeting the best of the US economy

Vince Rivers, Portfolio Manager at J O Hambro Capital Management, tells Hubbis about the investment philosophy and more behind JOHCM US Small Mid Cap Equity Fund.

The Trump effect: US economy poised for further growth

The Donald Trump economic approach is working and driving the US economy forward, according to Vince Rivers, Portfolio Manager at J O Hambro Capital Management.

Asia’s wealth market: cautious optimism dominates the investment landscape

What investment strategies should wealth managers be promoting to their Asian high net worth clients, given the current state of the global economy and financial markets? Hubbis and J O Hambro Capital Management assembled a group of 15 leading product gatekeepers at private banks in Hong Kong this April to discuss how clients can optimise their portfolios, today and tomorrow.

Spectacular growth drives the wealth management opportunity in Vietnam

Sandeep Deobhakta, Division Head of Retail Banking, VPBank, explains to Hubbis why Vietnam represents a significant wealth management opportunity.

VPBank - deepening the offering and evolving the client experience

Sandeep Deobhakta, Division Head of Retail Banking, VPBank, tells Hubbis how VPBank is growing in Vietnam and how it is helping its customers ‘Dream.’

Vietnam - continues to develop, offering great opportunities for investors

Kevin Snowball, Chief Executive Officer, PXP Vietnam Asset Management, reveals to Hubbis the size and scale of the Vietnam investment opportunity.

Wealth in Thailand: ready for the next big step forward?

There is plenty of liquidity in the Thai financial markets, but where should it be invested? Hubbis and J O Hambro Capital Management invited a group of private banking, asset management, and other selected wealth management experts to a private discussion in Bangkok this April to discuss the future of wealth management in Thailand.

Highlighting client objectives and managing them consistently is key

Feroze Azeez, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Anand Rathi Private Wealth Management, discusses why it is of paramount importance to educate clients and to maintain consistency.

Exciting opportunities as Thai fund distribution grows

Michael Reed, Chief Executive Officer, Manulife Asset Management (Thailand) tells Hubbis about the evolution of the fund management business in Thailand.

Manulife Asset Management - great expectations in Thailand

Michael Reed, Chief Executive Officer, Manulife Asset Management (Thailand) tells Hubbis what the Thailand opportunity means for asset management firms.

Growth and diversification drive Thai asset management

Win Phromphaet, Chief Investment Officer, CIMB-Principal Asset Management, talks to Hubbis about the future of Thailand’s asset management industry.

Generali Thailand - dramatic growth in the life business

Samdarshi Sumit, Chief Retail Officer, Retail Business, Generali Life Assurance talks about the firm’s growth and expansion in Thailand’s insurance market.

Profile Software’s innovative solutions for banking and wealth industry

Profile Software is an international financial software provider that focuses on the banking and investment management sector, developing innovative and client-centric platforms for agile operations. Kostas Kotsiopoulos, Chief Commercial Officer, spoke to Hubbis about the firm’s unique strategy and product offerings.

PNB trusts its current asset management structures and strategies

The Philippine National Bank has thus far opted to keep its asset management business within its core corporate structure, although new regulations now allow for separate entities. Hubbis sat down with Roberto Vergara, PNB’s Chief Trust Officer and Head of Trust Banking Group to learn more about the bank’s asset management strategies.

Frustrating slow growth for Philippines’ mutual fund industry

The mutual fund industry in Philippines needs to get the small guys to invest to unlock its true potential, according to Dr. Robert B. Ramos, Senior Vice President, Trust Officer, and CIO, East West Bank.

Significant growth for the unit linked business

Michael Gerard D. Enriquez, Chief Investment Officer, Sun Life Financial Philippines, talks about the growth in the unit linked business in the Philippines and what more needs to be done to grow this upcoming space.

Thai investors – getting more diverse everyday

Benjarong Techamuanvivit, First Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning Division, Kasikorn Asset Management, talks about the Thai wealth management opportunity.

The development of wealth management in Thailand

Vira-anong C. Phutrakul, Managing Director, Consumer Business Manager, Citi tells Hubbis how wealth managers in Thailand must strive to do the right thing by their clients above everything else.

Increasing its weighting in international markets

Yingyong Chiaravutthi, Head of Investments, Prudential Life Assurance Thailand tells Hubbis why his firm is looking outside the country for real returns.

Tremendous opportunities for growth in the Thai unit linked business

Yingyong Chiaravutthi, Head of Investments, Prudential Life Assurance Thailand talks about the firm’s unit-linked business in the Asian nation.