We were delighted to host our 5th annual event in Jakarta for the wealth management community in Indonesia. More than 250 senior individuals attended from across South-east Asia – including CEOs, senior management, product gatekeepers and business unit heads across compliance, operations, advisory and sales, from the leading local and universal Retail Banks, Private Banks, Insurance Companies, Local Asset Management Firms, and IFAs / other independent advisory organisations.



New wealth management dawn beckons for Indonesia

While it is difficult to predict what the real impact will be on Indonesia of tax reforms and greater investment incentives, consensus based on this and other regulatory initiatives is that this should be a good thing for the further development of the wealth and asset management industries locally.





“The Indonesian Wealth Management Forum provided a great opportunity both to hear from key players in the Indonesian market and to discuss recent and future developments with delegates.”

Nicholas Hacking, Director, Sales, ERI Bancaire


“Once again, the Hubbis Indonesian Wealth Management Forum provided an excellent opportunity for professionals, both local and foreign, to meet and exchange ideas on best practices. Moreover, the agenda, speakers and in-depth discussion of many issues was much added-value and appreciated by the attendees.”

Richard Piliero, Executive, Finaport


“As the wealth management industry in Indonesia is still relatively new, this forum provides a good opportunity for us to learn, especially from practitioners from other countries.”

Tri Djoko Santoso, Chairman, FPSB Indonesia


“This is the fourth year I have attended this event. This year, we saw some very high-quality people on the stage. It was a very engaging day.”

Jake Wallis, President Director, Imperium Capital