Fast forward to thriving independent wealth management in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong independent wealth management industry has grown apace since the global financial crisis of 2008/9. But how do these smaller firms differentiate themselves, how do they convince clients of their independence and integrity? And can they make enough fees to prosper?

Bridging the gap: connecting to China’s vast wealth and diversification

An estimated $24 trillion of wealth in China and the inevitable globalisation of some of that wealth should translate to immense opportunities for independent wealth advisers and other professionals in Hong Kong. But, how do the independent wealth managers compete with the global banks?

Technology, platforms and fintech

Can the independent wealth management community embrace technology to give themselves a competitive edge? Hubbis assembled a panel of experts to discuss digital strategies at the Independent Wealth Management Forum in Hong Kong on November 16, 2017.

Leaving a bank? Survival tips for success as an Independent Wealth Manager

Taking the leap from a private bank to a new life as an independent wealth adviser is a risky move. But if imagined correctly and structured properly it can be immensely rewarding, for the banker and clients alike.

Asia’s independent wealth sector – ready for the next leap forward

The independent wealth management sector in Asia is still relatively minor compared to the coverage of the major private banks and other large wealth firms, but those who have already established their business models see even better times ahead.