We are delighted to host the 9th Asian Wealth Solutions Forum in Singapore.

We have refreshed the format for the event – and we think it’s particularly relevant at a time of so much change and opportunity for the industry.

We have designed the forum – along with the presentations, workshops, case studies and panel discussions – to bring together key market participants to discuss and debate current positioning, role, opportunities and challenges.

The Hubbis Asian Wealth Solutions event in Singapore on November 1 will provide fascinating insights into the developments taking place in Asia’s wealth advisory sector in response to local, regional and global changes.

Underpinning almost every sphere of activity is an increasingly tight regulatory environment in virtually every jurisdiction, as well as the growing cooperation between governments across the globe.

Asia’s HNW and ultra HNW individuals and families must pay ever greater attention to these matters as they plan for their advancing years and for wealth transition to their loved ones, to future generations and even to foundations that they wish to support for humanitarian or other aims.

To be successful in today’s wealth solutions space - you must have a pure advisory practice – and it must be independent and be delivered with conviction.

Key to the content at the forum is providing insights from experts in the region and overseas markets – sharing best practices, the components of successful businesses, and lessons learned from developing and managing wealth management offerings. Covering key topics like; impact investing, governance and philanthropy.

Specifically, we will explore some important topics; What do RMs need to do to improve the Wealth

Solutions conversations with clients? How can RMs have a better understanding of the reality of the client’s needs? How do we bring specialists, content and thought-leadership to clients – and customise a solution? How can you be proactive and not reactive?


Specifically discover;

  • The needs of wealthy Asian Families legacy and succession planning
  • How to have a conversation with clients around sensitive family issues
  • New tax developments in China and elsewhere
  • The potential role of insurance in the mix
  • What are the practical considerations for HNW clients in wealth protection and transfer?
  • How are these needs developing? And how can you help clients understand these needs?