On the right side of Indonesia’s transforming wealth market

As the number of bank branches in the country falls, Citi is making a stronger case for profit and growth in wealth management, says the bank’s Harsya Prasetyo

Mashreq Neo coveting digital customers

Vision of ‘connected generation’ part of online customer expansion plans by UAE banking giant

Insurance competition driving innovation for clients

Insurance has always helped high net worth individuals meet certain needs in the past, such as retirement and wealth transfer – but now the Asia market is evolving. In an exclusive interview with Hubbis, Thomas Young, Head of High Net Worth Business at Generali, explains how the industry is changing and what its future may look like

Riding the robo wave to its next stage

Doubts about fintech are gradually giving way to a broader acceptance in the wealth management space. Quantifeed is racing to capitalise on this by helping institutions deliver a richer and more relevant experience for clients and advisors alike, says John Robson

Millennials set to call the tune

George Triplow of Ernst & Young discusses the looming changes in the Middle East wealth management industry as consolidation looms and the profile and segmentation of investors shifts from the traditional scope.

Singapore Life – sophisticated, cool and dependable

In a conversation with Hubbis, Walter de Oude, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Life explains its priorities, what it stands for, and why he believes Singapore is a great centre to serve clients across Asia

Body of Evidence

In a video interview, Harmen Overdijk, founder and managing director of Capital Company, explains his company’s philosophy and the reliance placed on the evidence-based investing techniques that he has adopted

Creating the right tool kit for success

In a video interview, Harmen Overdijk, founder and managing director of Capital Company, explains his company’s philosophy and outlines the evidence he feels puts his company to the forefront of advisory models

Independent firms to enjoy growth curve

In a video interview, Harmen Overdijk, founder and managing director of Capital Company, explains why he believes Hong Kong’s independent wealth management model has huge growth potential

Opportunity knocks for specialist advice firm

Vietnam the stepping stone for Rosemont’s bid to capture international market for niche legal and wealth planning solutions

UAE key market for Zurich in the Middle East

Global insurance giant targets growth to exploit low penetration rate as regulatory tightening looms

Adapting platforms to meet the changing needs of clients

Technology has changed how clients want to manage their portfolio. In an exclusive interview with Hubbis, Timothy Searle of Globaleye discusses the latest trends and his firm is reacting

Platform for Success

Swissquote Bank’s technology and innovation reaping rewards as client and asset base soars

Taking care of business

In a video interview, Anthonia Hui, CEO of AL Wealth Partners, tells of her experiences in the wealth management industry over the last 10 years and highlights how her firm has a snug fit in the space between custodian banks and clients

New approach from Old Mutual International

Embracing technology, regulations and aligning with fresh product offerings seen as key to expansion for traditional insurer

Top of the Pile

Distinguished award icing on the cake as Crossinvest strategy, transparency and attitude recognised, says CEO

Maybank sets eyes across markets, segments to tap opportunities

Maybank may be the new kid on the block in wealth management space, but it has the smarts to play alongside the veterans and isn’t afraid of flaunting what it’s got.

Getting positioned to tap the growth in wealth in Taiwan

The financial services space in Taiwan is fast evolving as the take up of technology increases rapidly and can be used more effectively than ever before. In an exclusive interview with Hubbis, Pradeep Pant of ANZ discusses the challenges faced by wealth advisory firms and sheds light on factors that are transforming the industry.

How is Switzerland capturing China’s global wealth flows?

Tapping into the real potential that the growth in Asian HNW and UHNW individuals offers requires an in-depth understanding of their diversification, planning and other needs. And ‘Swissness’ seems to be playing a bigger role in luring to the alpine country a growing share of the wealth being offshored from China.

10 ways to thrive in Asian wealth management over the next decade

10 considerations for organisations that want to remain relevant to affluent and HNW individuals in Asia over the coming 5 to 10 years – based on a Hubbis survey of 1,000 private banking and wealth management practitioners in the region.

Rethinking the wealth management model of tomorrow

1,000 market practitioners in a recent Hubbis survey agree that most organisations trying to access the region’s affluent and HNW must change their game now – at least ‘up’ it – to be relevant in the years ahead. Some have started, but progress is typically slow. Most still have a lot of work to do.

Is commission cannibalising Asian wealth management?

Over half of the 1,000 market practitioners who responded to a recent Hubbis survey say front-line sales staff should continue to be paid commissions. But in such a divisive debate, this view threatens to hold back the industry from adapting and evolving to a model that is more future-proof.

Beyond the trade: where to find robust revenue

Despite a successful 2017 for many private banks and wealth managers, they need to start preparing for tougher market conditions – and potentially a correction – by looking beyond transactional volume to other solutions and ways to deliver value to clients. The focus must shift toward a more sustainable revenue pipeline.

Taking the wealth management industry forward in India

Creating business models to enable firms across the country to maintain the impressive growth seen in AUM and client numbers in recent years, will depend on more training for advisers, client-centric incentive structures and a way to get investors to place more value in the advice they receive.

Why hybrid advice offers a new way for wealth management

In a video interview, David Wilson of Capgemini reveals some of the key findings of the World Wealth Report 2017 – and explains why the need to offer hybrid advice and a better client experience requires firms to transform their people, processes and propositions.

How DBS is driving innovation in Indonesia

Pursuing its vision in buying ANZ’s local business, DBS Bank is creating new products and innovations as it scales up its wealth proposition in the country – starting with a groundbreaking mobile-banking initiative, explains Widrawan Hindrawan.

Citi's approach to growing retail banking in Asia

With a remit across 17 markets including 5 in EMEA, including retail banking and wealth management, Gonzalo Luchetti has a clear vision for evolving the nature of the conversation and interaction the bank has with the region’s urban-based, affluent and emerging affluent. He tells Hubbis how he plans to achieve this for Citi.

How to have more effective and productive client relationships

In a video interview, Michael Gerber of 360F discusses how institutions and relationship managers (RMs) can move from pushing products towards giving advice, by using various tools and client information in a more relevant way.

Mapping the wealth management landscape in China

In a video interview, Ray Chou of Oliver Wyman explains the evolution in wealth management players and offerings in Mainland China, as the market continues to grow and offerings develop.

Forging a future path for wealth management in China

In a video interview, Ray Chou of Oliver Wyman discusses how institutions in the Mainland can and should scale their businesses, both in acquiring customers and deepening the share of wallet.

How to tap into the offshoring of Chinese wealth

In a video interview, Ray Chou of Oliver Wyman outlines some options and considerations for wealth management firms looking to service the growing number of HNW and UHNW Chinese looking offshore for asset allocation and diversification.

Living in a new wealth management landscape

In a video interview, Michael Gerber of 360F explains some key challenges for the industry, arising from the desire among clients to be better informed, plus the hurdles for banks in scaling their platforms. And he sees digital only having a gradual impact.

How banks can prepare for the wealth evolution in Vietnam

Taking a long-term approach will result in a successful business for financial institutions looking to tap the country’s wealth management potential – from developing the right culture among staff to building product capabilities and the advisory model.

Laying the foundations for wealth management in Vietnam

If banks and other financial institutions in the country start to take wealth management more seriously – plus work with regulators to develop the capability, capacity and infrastructure required – a more meaningful role for the industry looks likely over the coming decade.

Bearing fruit from a pioneering spirit in Indonesia

Commonwealth Bank’s record-breaking, account-opening time of just 10 minutes in Indonesia highlights its digitally-driven ambition to boost customer acquisition in a country where wealth management remains relatively untapped.

Creating a bigger independent wealth community in Singapore

In a video interview, Steve Knabl of Swiss Asia and AIAM Singapore explains how the Association must stay closely connected with the whole local independent community and its service providers, to grow membership and stay relevant going forward.

Mapping a growth path for Swiss Asia

In a video interview, Steve Knabl of Swiss Asia explains the firm’s value position, vision and priorities for the year ahead – including attracting more private bankers to its platform.

How to spur growth of independent asset managers

In a video interview, Steve Knabl of Swiss Asia and AIAM Singapore says the independent segment will see faster growth if there is more communication and collaboration with private banks – and by reaching out more to end-clients.

Surviving Asia’s streamlined private banking landscape

Industry leaders in Hong Kong are more sharply-focused than ever on recurring fees as being increasingly important to deal with thin margins and shaky client loyalty, according to a high-level discussion in September co-hosted by Thomson Reuters and Hubbis.

Karvy taps into India’s wealth sweet-spot

As one of the country’s top firms in its segment, Karvy Private Wealth has set its sights on expansion at home and abroad, riding on the current wave of growth, outlines Abhijit Bhave.

Four opportunities for independent wealth managers in Asia

Recent moves to lower costs and increase investment minimums by private banks in Asia have independent wealth managers perfectly positioned to assist underserved, yet affluent, clients, says Mark Nelligan of BNY Mellon’s Pershing Securities Singapore.

WEALTH TALK SUMMARY - How to future-proof private banking

Speaking at Hubbis' Vietnam Wealth Management Forum 2017 – Evrard Bordier of Bordier & Cie sees problems ahead for private banks that aren't able to explain why they are relevant.

WEALTH TALK SUMMARY - A customer-led approach to wealth management

Speaking at Hubbis' Vietnam Wealth Management Forum 2017 – Sandeep Deobhakta of VPBank explains the importance to all banks of knowing customers’ needs, an also training their staff and giving them the right tools to meet them.

WEALTH TALK SUMMARY - Developing the insurance offering in Vietnam

Speaking at Hubbis' Vietnam Wealth Management Forum 2017 – Paul Nguyen of Manulife explains how the firm is building on its market position and product offering to tap the opportunity this under-penetrated market represents.

A more meaningful role for insurance in meeting client needs

In a video interview, Richard Vargo of DBS Bank explains the growing role for insurance within wealth management offerings in Asia, especially as customers get better educated about their needs and digital tools can support the process.

Creating a more meaningful wealth management market in Vietnam

In a country moving quickly towards a market-based economy with rising per capita income and per capita GDP – accessing the young and growing population of 95 million-plus offers huge potential for banks, insurers, asset managers and other financial firms looking to offer wealth management products and services.

PRESENTATION SUMMARY - Why Indian investors await a market correction

Speaking at Hubbis' Indian Wealth Management Forum 2017 in August – Aashish Somaiyaa of Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company wonders if market views define holdings or holdings define views.

WEALTH TALK SUMMARY - Driving independent wealth management in Asia

Speaking at Hubbis’ Indian Wealth Management Forum 2017 in August – Rohit Bhuta of Crossinvest expects Asia’s external asset management industry to grow as bankers become more attracted to an independent way of advising clients.

WEALTH TALK SUMMARY - Creating more capacity and capability in India

Speaking at Hubbis’ Indian Wealth Management Forum 2017 in August – Sandip Ghose of the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) says the industry needs to enhance competency standards and create the right mind-set for future generations.

WEALTH TALK SUMMARY - Five forces defining India’s wealth management evolution

Speaking at Hubbis’ Indian Wealth Management Forum 2017 in August – Shiv Gupta of Sanctum Wealth Management says the country’s wealth management industry’s evolution is likely to be influenced by these five forces.

WEALTH TALK SUMMARY - Building trust by putting ethics at the core of wealth management

Speaking at Hubbis’ Indian Wealth Management Forum 2017 in August – Atinkumar Saha of Deutsche Bank Wealth Management cautions that compromising ethics would threaten the growth of the domestic industry.

WEALTH TALK SUMMARY - Why Asia is ripe for multi-family offices

Speaking at Hubbis’ Indian Wealth Management Forum 2017 in August – Mandeep Nalwa of Taurus Wealth Advisors sees huge opportunities for multi-family offices (MFOs) to grow in Asia.

The Sanctum Wealth Management road to success in India

In a video interview, Shiv Gupta explains the progress the firm has made in its first year of business, and reveals the priorities for the year ahead – such as consolidating the product platform and doing more digitally.

StanChart plays the numbers game in Indonesia

Standard Chartered Bank has achieved an enviable penetration rate for its local wealth business, based on a diversified fund platform, reveals Bambang Simon Simarno. Yet regulatory reform and more digital tools are essential for future growth.

WEALTH TALK SUMMARY - Why the sun is shining on India’s wealth industry

Speaking at Hubbis’ Indian Wealth Management Forum 2017 in August – Karan Bhagat of IIFL Investment Managers believes that the ‘sky is the limit’ for the industry, if it can come together to innovate.

WEALTH TALK SUMMARY - Building a winning team in Indian wealth management

Speaking at Hubbis’ Indian Wealth Management Forum 2017 in August – Anshu Kapoor of Edelweiss Global Wealth Management says magic happens when a diversified team comes together.

WEALTH TALK SUMMARY - Future-proofing private banking

Speaking at Hubbis' Indian Wealth Management Forum 2017 in August – Evrard Bordier of Bordier & Cie sees problems ahead for private banks that aren't able to explain why they are relevant.

Keeping India on track for a bright wealth management future

The country’s wealth management sector has seen impressive growth in AUM over the past couple of years. But investor education, adviser compensation, competency and various other aspects of the industry need scrutiny and improvement to capitalise on the industry’s potential.

Towards a new model for advice

Transformation is gathering pace across the international advice market, but being able to demonstrate the value of advice to clients remains a challenge, say Ian Kloss and Mark Christal of Old Mutual International (OMI).

Encouraging a longer term investment mind-set in India

Sankaran Naren of ICICI Prudential Asset Management says investors in the country are increasingly looking at making longer-term decisions, and advisers need to focus on managing client expectations.

Service via the Hong Kong gateway

Alan Luk explains how Hang Seng is sticking to a strategy of catering to Mainland customers from Hong Kong, where the local bank can deliver a range of solutions and focus on delivering tailor-made services.

DBS Bank’s four key factors for wealth leadership

For Tan Su Shan, the route to wealth management success in today’s world is based on delivering a combination of what she has termed “the four d’s” – digitalisation, data, democratisation and domesticity.

Delivering a new wealth management experience

BNP Paribas Wealth Management is committed to enhancing its service offering in Asia, to remain relevant and respond to the changing industry landscape as well as new client expectations, says Pierre Vrielinck.