Onshore or offshore, or hybrid – which model is winning favour?

The rising share of global GDP from the Asia Pacific region is virtually assured, but somewhat less certain is the balance between onshore and offshore wealth management. Hubbis invited experts to share their views in the second panel of the forum.

How leading private banks and wealth managers are building their WM 2.0 models?

A panel of very senior wealth management experts opened the Hubbis Asian Wealth Management Forum in Singapore. Their mission was to highlight key challenges facing private banks and other wealth firms in Asia as they strive to achieve their WM 2.0 business models.

The bright future for digital in Asian wealth management

Digital platforms are gaining in popularity as they become more sophisticated, and indeed their flexibility is now essential to stay ahead. Fintech can facilitate collaboration and client benefits, with ‘plug-and-play’ solutions seen as increasingly viable options.

Credit Suisse Asset Management: Adapting to win in Asia

Michael Levin, Head of Credit Suisse Asset Management (CSAM) in Asia Pacific, talks to Hubbis about the asset manager’s performance in 2017, the shift to thematic investing, and the increasing focus on China.

Opportunities in Vietnam for foreign investors

Thai Thuan Nguyen, Managing Director, VinaCapital tells Hubbis about the opportunity Vietnam represents for foreign investors.

VinaCapital - helping investors access Vietnam

Thai Thuan Nguyen, Managing Director, VinaCapital gives Hubbis an overview about VinaCapital and its plans in Vietnam.

Selling funds to retail clients in Vietnam - tiny today but huge potential

Thai Thuan Nguyen, Managing Director, VinaCapital gives Hubbis an insight into the funds business in Vietnam.

BNP Paribas Wealth Management: Tailoring its future to fit the new Asia

Arnaud Tellier, Head of South-East Asia and former Head of Investment Services for Asia at BNP Paribas Wealth Management, met with Hubbis recently to discuss the firm’s evolution in the region amidst the changing industry landscape as well as new client expectations. He spoke of the rising importance of advisory while retaining a strong product focus for an Asian clientele that has long held a transactional leaning.

Firm overview: PXP Vietnam Asset Management

Kevin Snowball, Chief Executive Officer, PXP Vietnam Asset Management, tells Hubbis about how the firm came to be and its plans for the future.

Malik Sarwar - making wealth management great again

Malik S Sarwar, CEO, K2 Leaders, USA talks to Hubbis about the state of the wealth management industry and what its stakeholders need to do to take it to the next level of growth.

Estate duty and succession planning - what’s going on?

T. P. Ostwal, Partner, T.P. Ostwal & Associates, tells Hubbis why India is not ready for a comeback of the estate duty and why offshore financial centres still matter to India’s wealthy.

L&T Mutual Fund: Ready for change

Kailash Kulkarni, Chief Executive Officer, L&T Mutual Fund talks to Hubbis about India’s regulatory environment, the firm’s plans for the future, and how a small tweak can result in a broader customer base for the country’s mutual funds.

A game of catch-up: the drive to evolve wealth management in the Philippines

The wealth management industry in the Philippines is in a relatively early phase of development when compared to more advanced ASEAN peers such as Malaysia and Thailand. Hubbis invited a select group of industry leaders from private banks, asset management, and insurance to a behind-closed-doors discussion in April in Makati, Manila. The consensus is that the growth potential is as vast as are the challenges facing the industry.

Managed Accounts - delivering a better outcome to the client

Anthony J. Harper, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Axial Partners tells Hubbis how managed accounts can help deliver better outcomes for clients in Asia’s evolving wealth management industry.

DSP Blackrock: a new era in Indian investments

From female investment initiatives to engaging young investors Aditi Kothari, Executive Director and Head – Sales, Marketing and e-business, DSP BlackRock Investment Managers, says the firm wants to make finance more fun and accessible.

The compelling opportunity in physical gold for Asia’s HNWIs and advisers

INTL FC Stone (INTL)’s precious metals business has been growing apace in Asia and the firm’s web-based trading platform is bringing additional transparency and efficiency to the markets. As a Nasdaq listed company with a market capitalisation of around US$800 million, it offers Asian HNW clients and wealth managers high-quality standards as well as financial stability.

Enhancing and growing the wealth management proposition

Feroze Azeez, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Anand Rathi Private Wealth Management, tells us about Anand Rathi’s plans for the future.

CapBridge - matching exclusive private assets with relevant investors

Jeffrey Fang, Chief Corporate Officer, CapBridge tells Hubbis of the innovative way the firm’s platform matches investors and high growth pre-IPO companies.

What’s the benefit of buying pre-IPO and private investments?

Jeffrey Fang, Chief Corporate Officer, CapBridge tells Hubbis how private opportunities can diversify and augment the Asian high net worth investor’s portfolio.

Adding depth and breadth to the mutual fund industry in India

Leo Puri, Managing Director, UTI Asset management, tells Hubbis how he plans to grow the firm’s business and corner a larger slice of the Indian mutual fund market.

The charitable choice: powering better wealth planning through family unity and shared goals

Mark Nelligan, managing director of BNY Mellon’s Pershing Securities Singapore Pte Ltd, explained the benefits of encouraging clients to become more strategic in their philanthropy, and discussed a few approaches for coaching multi-generational families through the minefield of developing their socially responsible investment portfolios together.

Independent Wealth Management Forum 2018 - Video Highlights

At the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum 2018 in Singapore on March 8th, we interviewed leading industry experts. Want to know what you missed?

A significant evolution underway in Thai life insurance

Samdarshi Sumit, Chief Retail Officer, Retail Business, Generali Life Assurance talks about the changing nature of the Thai life insurance market.

CapBridge: The Private Syndicate Investment Platform

Jeffrey Fang, Chief Corporate Officer of CapBridge, sees great potential in helping institutional and accredited investors connect with mid-to-late stage growth companies in Asia. He explained that funding gaps are opportunities for HNW and ultra HNW investors, and how transparent processes and teamwork can optimise outcomes.

Investor migration and the rise of the global citizen

Daphne Chandra, Manager and Client Advisor in the Singapore office of Henley & Partners, advises HNWIs and families in Indonesia and SE Asia on overseas residence and citizenship. She has a deep understanding of their requirements and helps them focus on the best opportunities.

How to put the right real estate investments in front of your clients

Julian Kwan, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore based real estate investment platform InvestaCrowd, provides solutions to the growing ranks of HNW individuals and families that are investing a rising proportion of their wealth in commercial real estate. Putting the right deals in front of these clients is the key.

Transition of wealth management into the digital era

Swiss bank Swissquote serves its global client base of more than 300,000 customers entirely through digital interface. Damian Hitchen, CEO for the Middle East and Asia, believes the digital revolution has much further to go and has major implications for Asia’s independent wealth sector.

The imminent risk of rising yields and how investors can react

Bernd Hartmann, Head of Investment Research & Chief Strategist at VP Bank Group, cautioned the audience at the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum of March 8 on the risk of rising yields and strategies to mitigate the downside.

Delivering wealth management for EAMs via a digital platform

Swiss bank Swissquote serves its entire global client base of more than 300,000 customers entirely through a digital interface. Damian Hitchen, CEO for the Middle East and Asia, presented a Workshop to introduce the Swissquote platform to independent wealth advisers.

The growing demand for physical gold amongst Asian HNW and UHNW

Martin Huxley, Head of Global Precious Metals for Asia at INTL FCStone is passionate about gold. He is convinced that as wealth grows in Asia more money will flow into gold and other tangible assets. He presented a workshop to highlight the appeals of gold, the mechanics of owning it and the opportunities for independent wealth advisers in Asia.

Independent wealth in Asia - fortune to favour the astute… and the brave

The Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum in Singapore on March 8, 2018, proved to be fertile ground for a wide variety of advisory, cautionary and informative tales from leading experts in the wealth industry. Delegates left with the strong impression that independent firms in Asia have great rewards in store if they structure their businesses optimally.

Residence and citizenship planning for HNWIs

Nirbhay Handa, Manager for the subcontinent business at Henley & Partners along with Daphne Chandra, Manager for the Indonesia business presented a Workshop on the current pick of residence and citizenship planning options for Asian HNW individuals and families. Their focus was most intensely on three European and four Caribbean citizenship-by-investment programmes.

Update from the Association Independent Asset Managers Singapore

Steve Knabl, President of the Association of Independent Asset Managers Singapore (AIAM) addressed the audience at the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum of March 8 in Singapore to explained AIAM’s progress and to convince more IAMs to join the association.

MiFID II and its relevance for Asia

Simon Abbott, Senior Regulatory Manager Equity Markets and Commodities at Commerzbank conducted a workshop to explain to Asia-based independent wealth managers the challenges and opportunities arising from MIFIR and MiFID II. He provided a detailed, but concise and thought-provoking introduction.

How can we be different?

Does the independent wealth industry need to be reengineered and how can firms differentiate their offerings to compete well today while also evolving their skills and technology for tomorrow? The first panel of the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum pondered these, and other, questions.

What opportunity can be found in the growing wealth of China and India?

India and China are both challenging and alluring markets of opportunity for the wealth industry. India is experiencing a billionaire boom, with demand far exceeding supply and infrastructure, while investment of well-earned wealth in China is still relatively in its infancy.

Do you really want to grow your business? How will you do it?

The third panel of the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum of March 8 focused in on how independent firms can grow their businesses. Growth for growth’s sake is seldom a success but resting on one’s laurels is also risky.

Focussing on long-term value for clients

When generating long-term investments for clients, risk management, added value and promoting unique opportunities can place smaller wealth management companies in good stead compared with larger banks. Panellists offered advice to help smaller firms build their client’s bases and their revenues.

What products should be promoted to HNW and UHNW clients in 2018?

The independent wealth advisory community prides itself on having a bespoke approach to HNW clients. Do they feel that mainstream markets are living on borrowed time? Are they promoting alternative investments? A panel of experts discussed these matters… and more.

Asia’s independent wealth managers – redefining the value proposition

Hubbis and Swissquote co-hosted a fascinating roundtable discussion on the evolution of the independent wealth management model. How can smaller firms compete with the private banks? Who are the new competitors? How can they build sustainable business models? What are the drivers for growth? Can technology empower or threaten? And what are their key priorities for the years ahead?

Making the most of the growing wealth in Thailand

Narit Kosalathip, Assistant Managing Director, Private Wealth Management, Phatra Wealth Management talks about the evolution of the wealth management space in Thailand.

Time to jump start the asset management industry

Michael Ferrer, Managing Director, ATR Asset Management, tells Hubbis about the obstacles that are slowing down the Philippines’ asset management industry.

Rapidly growing a diversified investment platform

Dr. Robert B. Ramos, Senior Vice President, Trust Officer, and CIO, East West Bank, talks about the bank’s operations in the Philippines and how it plans to expand and grow its business in the Asian nation.

Hoping for more depth and diversity

Michael Gerard D. Enriquez, Chief Investment Officer, Sun Life Financial Philippines, talks about the firm’s priorities and goals for 2018.

Women and Wealth – Why it matters and what can private banks do?

Hanna Raftell, Co-Founder of Hong Kong based coaching service firm Altitude22, is championing women’s right to have the wealth management industry focus on their unique needs and also their unique abilities. She believes there is a world of opportunity.

Tech stocks: Boom or bubble?

Andy Budden, Investment Director of Capital Group, believes that despite elevated prices and the return of market volatility, tech stocks still hold value. This time round, he said, it is no dotcom bubble as companies of the ‘knowledge economy’ have become global leaders.

How regulation is transforming ETF trading across regions

Antoine de Saint Vaulry, Director and Head of ETF & Flow Trading for Asia Pacific at Commerzbank, is a strong advocate of the value of ETFs to HNW portfolios. He told the Asian Wealth Management Forum how regulations for banks and distributors now clearly favour the ETF market.

Challenges arising from the UK Criminal Finances Act 2017

Gez Owen, Managing Director & General Counsel for Hubbis, is an ex UK lawyer who has more than two decades of experience in dealing with tax evasion matters related to UK law. He told the audience just how essential it is to comply.

Opportunities and challenges amidst Asia’s wealth explosion

The Hubbis Asian Wealth Management Forum of February 27 produced much lively discussion on the state of the Asian wealth industry, as well as plenty of fascinating insights into global and Asian markets, both mainstream and alternative.

The what and how of differentiated WM 2.0

Numerous challenges face the wealth management industry in Asia. Regulatory tightening, competition from fintech companies, the growing threat from Big Tech, and the rise of family offices are a few such challenges. Hubbis assembled a panel of experts to consider these core issues.

What role will Hong Kong play in the future access to China’s wealth?

China is fast becoming a key focus in the global wealth industry, with established institutions in Hong Kong competing with smaller, technology-driven competitors looking to tap into expanding opportunities. Chinese institutions are also thinking more globally, requiring innovation to secure business.

The art and science of wealth solutions

The third panel discussion at the Hubbis Asian Wealth Management Forum of February 27 addressed the current ‘state-of-the-art’ for wealth management solutions in Asia. The wide-ranging debate unearthed some subtle changes taking place and some key challenges.

Product gatekeepers - Are we really focused on long-term value?

Product gatekeepers in the Asian wealth management industry are facing many existential threats. Hubbis assembled a panel of experts to debate if, and how, wealth firms can help their clients create long-term value.

What products and strategies will be best for HNW clients in 2018?

As talk of market corrections becomes ever louder, wealth managers might be considering advising and structuring more cautious portfolios for their clients. But caution too early can mean losing out on more remarkable gains. A panel of experts debated the right approach.

Residence and citizenship planning for Asian families - an overview

Jennifer Lai, Managing Partner and Head of North Asia at Henley & Partners, knows that there are many key motivating factors for Asian families looking for overseas residence and citizenship. But education, while still a core driver, is no longer at the top of the list.

Leading residence- and citizenship-by-investment programs

Jennifer Lai, Managing Partner and Head of North Asia at Henley & Partners, organized a workshop on the world’s leading residence- and citizenship-by-investment programs. During the workshop, she highlighted seven key countries.

The world is still open for business

Andy Budden, Investment Director at Capital Group, presented a Workshop on the globalisation of technology companies, their importance to HNW portfolios and how advisers and investors can improve the downside resilience of those portfolios.

Preparing Asian wealth managers for the future

Malik Sarwar, CEO of K2 Leaders, closed the Hubbis Asian Wealth Management Forum with a brief summary of some of the key messages he had heard throughout the day.

Citi - continuing to enhance its leadership in Thai wealth management

Vira-anong C. Phutrakul, Managing Director, Consumer Business Manager, Citi tells Hubbis how Thailand’s rapidly-ageing society is pushing the demand for newer products in the wealth managers space.

Growing the business with an added offshore focus

Arpita Vinay, Executive Director, Centrum Wealth Management talks about a bumper 2017 for the firm, and its plans to go overseas.

Building competency in the wealth management offering

Anshu Kapoor, Head, Private Wealth Management, Edelweiss, shares the secret formula behind the firm’s success with talent and clients alike.

Hubbis in Zurich: The Asian Wealth Management Forum

Top-tier knowledge experts, private bankers, and wealth managers came together on all things Asian wealth management at Hubbis' annual Asian Wealth Management Forum in Zurich in October 2017.

Hubbis in Jakarta: Indonesian Wealth Management Forum

The best of Asia and Indonesia's wealth management community came together to debate and discuss the future of Indonesia's wealth management industry at Hubbis' annual Indonesian Wealth Management Forum in Jakarta in October 2017.

Hubbis in Shanghai: China Wealth Management Forum

Leading lights of Asia's wealth management community came together to discuss and debate the opportunities arising out of China's rapidly growing wealth market at Hubbis' annual China Wealth Management Forum in Shanghai in October 2017.

Sustainable IAM makes for innovative intermediary services in Asia

Whilst some banks in the region have closed or downsized their IAM desks or sold their wealth management units, VP Bank Singapore is proudly strengthening its footprint in Asia. Founded in 1956 by Guido Ferger, one of the most successful trustees in Liechtenstein, it has IAM DNA at its core. Sylvain Gysler, Head of Intermediaries, and Christian Christow, Head of Business Development, tell us how its strategy targeting sustainable asset management services for intermediaries is translating into growth in market share.

Asia ex Japan – From emerging to leading

Ben Sheehan, Senior Product Specialist covering Asian Equities at HSBC Global Asset Management, believes that Asia ex Japan is undergoing a re-rating that is entirely merited. He expounded on his main Asia ex Japan investment themes for 2018.

A matter of life and death

Philip Cernik, Chief Marketing Officer for the Middle East & Africa at Friends Provident International, says that expats residing in the UAE need to structure their estate carefully to ensure that their assets and total wealth transition to their loved ones on their death.

Managing wealth for a new generation

Tariq Bin Hendi, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Head of Products and Advisory for Emirates NBD, discussed the challenges that lie ahead for Private Banking as a new generation of high net-worth clients stand to inherit the largest accumulated wealth in history.

Islamic legacy planning – evolution or revolution?

The typical GCC merchant family is facing many challenges to the maintenance, expansion and inter-generational transitioning of its wealth. Yann Mrazek, Managing Partner at UAE multi-services advisory firm M/HQ, and Chair of STEP Arabia, believes that the time has come to change outmoded mindsets.

The consumer revolution, insurance and wealth management

Peter Huber, CEO of Zurich International Life, opened the Hubbis Middle East Wealth Management Forum on January 24 with a thought-provoking address that highlighted the multiple challenges and great opportunities that the insurance industry faces.

Family businesses in the GCC – the challenges they face

Wealthy families in the GCC face many tough challenges, the most pressing of which relate to increasing tax compliance demands, as well as succession planning. Our second Hubbis Middle East Wealth Management panel of January 24 highlighted many of the key issues.

How do wealth management firms future proof their businesses?

How will wealth management firms employ technology and digital solutions to improve their business? Can the wealth providers effectively integrate the fintech and RegTech solutions available? These and other matters were scrutinised in detail.

The insurance wake-up call: developing better customer outcomes

An eminent panel of experts assembled to debate the future of the insurance industry in the Middle East. Educating the HNW customer base as to the best products and structuring fair, client-friendly solutions are both opportunities and challenges, especially when life insurance and critical illness cover are yet to gain much traction.

Creating outcomes in the best interests of the client

A need to raise competency and professional standards, as well as a desire to create favourable outcomes for the client, indicate that the development of new suitable products and services are at the forefront of the wealth industry’s priorities.

Optimistic experts survey the world of investment opportunities

The final panel discussion of the day at the Hubbis Middle East Wealth Management Forum focused on the investment opportunities wealth providers are promoting, in the region and globally. The dominant theme was optimism.

Investing in India

Aashish Somaiyaa, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Motilal Oswal Asset Management, explains how the rapidly increasing GDP in India has led to the dramatic growth of disposable income, particularly benefitting investment in financial and consumer stocks.

Retirement Financial Planning: Obstacle or Opportunity?

Szymon Idzikowski, Fund Analyst at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, is concerned about the poor financial understanding and preparation for retirement. But a more professional approach is at hand from the wealth advisory industry for those wanting greater financial security.

Middle East Wealth Management Forum 2018 - Video Highlights

At the Hubbis Middle East Wealth Management Forum 2018 in Dubai on January 24th, we interviewed leading industry experts. Want to know what you missed?